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This page will be used for late-breaking information about changes/fixes/additions to the data in the Campus Profile. Any time a new message is posted here, we will update the "What's New" date on the Profile home page.

  • Profile updated for 2017-18. Changes from last year can be viewed here.
  • Additional Items:

    Beginning Fall 2017, Specialized Faculty are broken down into categories included in Provost Communication #25: Employment Guidelines for Specialized Faculty Holding Non-Tenure System Positions.

    Extramural Courses and Student Enrollments:
    Prior to Spring 2017, many enrollment reports included students who took courses on-campus. On-campus student versus off-campus (extramural) student was determined by the classes in which a student was enrolled. A student taking at least one on-campus course was counted as on-campus, otherwise the student was counted as extramural. The program of study was not used to distinguish between on-campus and extramural. Due to a change in course scheduling, beginning Spring 2017, there is no longer an on-campus versus extramural distinction. Instead, reports will include all students. Until Fall 2017, Campus Profile included Items for On-campus Students, Extramural Students, All Students (the sum On-campus and Extramural). Because of the change in reporting, the On-Campus and Extramural Items are not applicable, therefore they are no longer included in the Campus Profile. The All Students Items will remain in the Campus Profile, and we have added additional items in the All Students section. The historical On-campus and Extramural sections will still be available in older years of the Profile.

    Tuition and Waiver Information:
    Net Tuition Line 7100 has been replaced by line 7102 to include all on-campus and extramural tuition and waivers.

    Campus Profile Glossary
    Last updated: November 8, 2016

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