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November 2017


6920 Contact hrs/wk/term/fac FTE
The number hours per week a tenure-system faculty member is in face-to-face contact with students each term. Includes contact in organized classes and independent study sections from fall, spring, summer 1 & summer 2 on- campus classes. Contact hours for sections which meet for less than 16 weeks (e.g. 8-week or summer courses) or for sections which meet concurrently are reduced proportionately.

6940 Organized sections/year/fac FTE
The number of class sections taught per year by tenure-system faculty divided by the FTE tenure-system faculty paid from state funds in this unit. When more than one instructor is assigned to a single class, each instructor is credited with a fraction of the section equal to one divided by the number of instructors.

6960 Indiv inst stdnts/year/fac FTE
The number of individual instruction (independent study) students registered per term for the fall and spring terms divided by the FTE faculty. Only faculty-taught individual instruction is included.

6980 % Courses Taken Online
The percent of sections in fall, spring, summer, correspondence, and extramural terms offered in an online format. Sections with a schedule type of “ONL” are counted; crosslisted sections are aggregated.


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