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Department: 220  (Materials Research Lab)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 12/09/2018

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 300-5400  Summer Redman
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams
Affirmative Action Officer
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams
Assistant for the EO
 333-1370  Susan C. Lighty
Business Manager
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams
End-user IT Support
 333-2196  Kim T. Nguyen-Jahiel
Energy Contact
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams
Facilities Manager
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams
 333-1370  Susan C. Lighty
Staff HR Contact
 300-5400  Summer Redman
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 244-4861  Peter M. Abbamonte M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 333-2150  Rashid Bashir M/C 266  PROF, MRL
 265-0284  Pascal Bellon M/C 246  PROF, MRL
 333-9580  Alexey Bezryadin M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 244-7293  Paul V. Braun M/C 230  PROF, MRL
 333-6753  David G. Cahill M/C 230  PROF, MRL
 300-8327  Qing Cao M/C 230  ASSOC PROF, MRL
 244-0646  David M. Ceperley M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 244-7386  Qian Chen M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 244-3924  Jianjun Cheng M/C 246  PROF, MRL
 333-2589  S. Lance Cooper M/C 230  PROF, MRL
   Cecilia Das Neves Barbosa Leal Lauten M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 244-5622  Shen J. Dillon M/C 246  ASSOC PROF, MRL
 244-7709  James N. Eckstein M/C 704  PROF, MRL
   Elif Ertekin M/C 244  ASSOC PROF, MRL
   Christopher Evans M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 333-6532  Randy H. Ewoldt M/C 244  ASSOC PROF, MRL
 333-4409  Eduardo H. Fradkin M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 333-8329  Andrew A. Gewirth M/C 712  PROF, MRL
   Pinshane Huang M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 ( ) 333-5680  Taylor L. Hughes M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 333-3417  Prashant Jain M/C 712  ASSOC PROF, MRL
 265-5468  Harley T. Johnson M/C 244  PROF, MRL
 265-0523  Paul J. Kenis M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 244-3864  William P. King M/C 244  PROF, MRL
 244-2118  Jessica A. Krogstad M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 333-2077  Anthony J. Leggett M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 265-6354  Xiuling Li M/C 249  PROF, MRL
 333-2619  Yi Lu M/C 712  PROF, MRL
   Christoph R. Maass M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 300-0147  Gregory MacDougall M/C 704  ASST PROF, MRL
   Vidya Madhavan M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 333-6961  Benito J. Marinas M/C 250  PROF, MRL
 244-9114  Nadya Mason M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 (617) 981-9247  Nenad Miljkovic M/C 244  ASST PROF, MRL
 244-5289  Jeffrey S. Moore M/C 251  PROF, MRL
 333-7680  Catherine J. Murphy M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 244-0809  Ralph G. Nuzzo M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 300-6335  Nicola H. Perry M/C 230  ASST PROF, MRL
 244-0339  Andre Schleife M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 333-3906  Charles M. Schroeder M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 333-6440  Kenneth S. Schweizer M/C 246  PROF, MRL
 333-7361  Moonsub Shim M/C 246  PROF, MRL
   Daniel P. Shoemaker M/C 246  ASST PROF, MRL
 333-2636  Petros Sofronis M/C 244  PROF, MRL
 333-1041  Nancy R. Sottos M/C 251  PROF, MRL
 244-6519  Dallas Trinkle M/C 246  PROF, MRL
 300-3184  Renske van der Veen M/C 230  ASST PROF, MRL
   Arend van der Zande M/C 244  ASST PROF, MRL
 333-3760  Dale J. Van Harlingen M/C 704  PROF, MRL
 333-4370  Smitha Vishveshwara M/C 704  ASSOC PROF, MRL
 244-6730  Hong Yang M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 333-6655  Steven C. Zimmerman M/C 712  PROF, MRL
 244-6504  Jian-Min Zuo M/C 230  PROF, MRL
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-7293  Paul V. Braun M/C 230  DIR, MRL
 265-0767  Stephan A. Burdin M/C 230  SR RES ENGR
 300-4837  Changqiang Chen M/C 230  RESEARCH SCIENTIST
 265-0599  Jeffrey M. Gaede M/C 230  BUS & FIN COORD
   Jeffrey Grau M/C 230  RES ENGR
 244-2967  Richard T. Haasch M/C 230  SR RES SCI
 244-8637  Maisie L. Kingren M/C 230  SAFETY ENGR
 333-4265  James C. Mabon M/C 230  SR RES SCI
 333-7680  Catherine J. Murphy M/C 712  ASSOC DIR, MRL
   Pamela A. Pena Martin M/C 246  OUTREACH COORDINATOR
   Fubo Rao M/C 230  RES ENGR
   Roddel Remy M/C 230  RES SCI
 244-0547  Mauro Sardela M/C 230  DIR OF RES FACILTS
 ( ) 244-2944  Tao Shang M/C 230  RES ENGR
 265-6824  Julio A. Soares M/C 230  SR RES SCI
 300-7807  Jessica C. Spear M/C 230  RESEARCH SCIENTIST
 244-0298  Timothy P. Spila M/C 230  SR RES SCI
 244-9532  Waclaw Swiech M/C 230  SR RES SCI
   Kathleen A. Walsh M/C 230  RES SCI
   Xiaoli Wang M/C 230  RES ENGR
   Lon A. Westfall M/C 230  RES ENGR
 244-2943  Kristopher B. Williams M/C 230  DIR OF OPERATIONS
   Honghui Zhou M/C 230  RES SCI
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-1383  Douglas A. Jeffers M/C 230  MOLECULAR BEAM EPITAXY FCL CRD
 333-1370  Susan C. Lighty M/C 230  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 244-2944  Susan K. Logan M/C 230  CLERK, ADMINISTRATIVE
 300-3761  Deborah J. McCarter M/C 190  STOREKEEPER I
 333-1374  Dawn M. Somers M/C 230  STAFF CLERK
 244-2461  Julie A. Ten Have M/C 230  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 300-6144  Tommie D. Wininger M/C 230  STOREKEEPER III

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
All addresses and phone numbers are taken from the EDW. Employees may correct any errors themselves by logging on to Nessie.

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