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Department: 233  (Student Affairs Technology)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 09/20/2020

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
   Deborah Shivers
Assistant for the EO
 265-6588  Jessica S. Bengtson
Business Manager
 244-3201  Julie A. Jervis
Staff HR Contact
   Deborah Shivers

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
 265-4041  Corey A. Betka M/C 548  INFRASTRUCTURE ARCH
 244-7956  John Billerman M/C 384  SR ASST DIR CUSTOMER SERVICE
 265-0847  Brian D. Damm M/C 384  SR TECH SPEC
 300-8432  William J. Davenport M/C 384  TECH SPEC
 333-0050  Neelam Dhungel M/C 306  SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
 333-2711  Melvin R. Fenner Jr M/C 026  SR ASST DIR MED SYST & COMPL
 265-6593  Timothy A. Gillins M/C 548  NETWORK ADMIN SPEC
   Mark Hege   DIR, TECH DEV & SUPPORT
 333-7362  Jeremy N. House M/C 556  APPLICATION DEVLP SPEC
   Vikas Kala M/C 548  PROJ WEBSITE COORD
 333-0050  Sree Durga Kona M/C 306  SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
 300-5121  Brett E. Poling M/C 500  TECH SPEC
 300-5978  Cal A. Primer M/C 548  APPL DEVLP SPEC
 265-7849  James P. Quisenberry M/C 548  DIR INFO TECH SHARED SERV
 333-0148  Clint L. Stearns M/C 548  SYST DEVLP ARCH ; SR APP DEVLP SPEC
 244-4618  Philip D. Stiebner Jr M/C 026  IT PROJECT MANAGER - ASTS
 265-0931  Keith P. Sumlar M/C 384  SR TECH SPEC AUX IT SHARED SRV
 333-1520  Stephen M. Tondini M/C 548  SR ASST DIR FOR INFRASTRUCTURE
 300-9537  Chima A. Ugonna   APP DEVLP SPEC
 244-1843  Brock Umland M/C 548  SR NETWORK ADMIN SPEC
 244-7119  Olivier Vanderstraeten M/C 548  SR NETWORK ADMIN SPEC
 333-0228  Andrei D. Wilke M/C 556  ASST DIR IT FOR CAMPUS REC
 300-2081  John D. Young M/C 500  SERVICE DESK COORDINATOR
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 300-3431  Justin C. Bares M/C 007  LEAD FIELD SUPPORT TECH
 265-6588  Jessica S. Bengtson M/C 548  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 244-7387  Steve Bengtson M/C 026  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 300-2977  Nate C. Britton M/C 548  SR SOFTWARE DEVLP
 244-8760  Tyler M. Burton M/C 548  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
   Christopher N. DeSouza M/C 384  FIELD SUPPORT TECH
 300-2740  Jerry L. Ellis M/C 026  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 244-4101  Ahmed Elshennawi M/C 500  SERVICE DESK ANALYST ASSOC
 300-8115  Todd B. Fletcher M/C 500  IT SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 244-6607  Todd C. Harned M/C 007  ADMINISTRATOR III, SYSTEMS
 244-6319  Christine D. Hayes M/C 548  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 300-5869  Graham P. Houser M/C 030  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
   Crystal G. Livingood M/C 384  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
   Klaudiusz Magdziak M/C 384  SOFTWARE DEVLPR
   Justin M. Martin M/C 556  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 244-7365  Ryan A. Mueller M/C 500  LEAD SERV DESK ANLYS
 244-1239  Bryan A. Piper M/C 256  INFRASTRUCTURE SPEC ASSOC
 244-7918  Chad M. Porter M/C 6180  SERV DESK ANLYS
 244-9217  Angelo C. Ramos Jr M/C 026  INFRASTRUCTURE SPEC
 244-7354  Preeti Singh M/C 384  SOFTWARE DEVLPR
 300-5569  Christopher D. Thompson M/C 026  SR INFRASTRUCTURE SPEC
 300-5548  James A. Warren M/C 548  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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