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Department: 280  (Vice Chancellor for Inst Adv)

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Last updated: 06/17/2018

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
   Tara Adams M/C 594  ASST DIR ADVCMT
 333-6453  David J. Allen M/C 056  ASSOC DIR OF DEVLP
 300-5967  Joseph B. Baldwin M/C 220  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 244-1206  Barry D. Benson M/C 079  VC FOR ADVANCEMENT
 244-8737  Abigail J. Bobrow M/C 637  ASST DIR OF STORYTELLING
 244-0847  Joseph T. Brumleve M/C 605  ART DIR
 300-4454  Kristin L. Burnette M/C 605  ASSOC DIR, AG STEWARDSHIP
   Laura A. Caveny M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-6172  Byron L. Clark M/C 079  DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-4083  Heather N. Clay M/C 079  EXECUTIVE DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
   Timothy A. Cochrane M/C 236  ASSOC DIR ADVCMT
 244-1676  Stacey M. Cole M/C 710  DIR OF DEVLP
 265-5423  Elizabeth M. Cook M/C 605  ASST VC FOR TALENT MGMT & ADMN
 300-2752  Lisa K. Denson M/C 708  ASST DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 300-0490  Mary C. Dietrich M/C 002  ASSOC DIR FOR ADVANCEMENT
 244-1610  M. Angela Dimit M/C 384  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 244-8586  Marianne E. Downey M/C 254  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 333-5811  Timothy P. Durst M/C 706  SR DIR OF DEVLP
 300-5579  Julie A. Elzanati M/C 079  DIR OF FOUNDATION RELATIONS
   Melissa Engel M/C 077  DIR OF INTL OPER FOR ADVCMT
 333-1477  Vanessa K. Faurie M/C 077  DIR OF ADVCMT RES INITIATIVES
 (312) 575-7923  Bradley T. Foster M/C 594  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 (312) 575-7853  Zachary S. Goines M/C 658  ASSOC DIR ATHLETICS FOR DEV
 300-1916  Ashley N. Gorman M/C 605  ASST DIR OF STWSHP & DONOR REL
 244-1368  Joshua S. Hall M/C 254  ASST DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 244-5614  David H. Hamilton M/C 002  ASSOC DIR OF ANNUAL FUNDS
 333-7312  Kathryn S. Harrell M/C 079  ASSOC DIR OF TALENT MANAGEMENT
   Cory Hatfield M/C 504  ASSOC DIR, DEVLP & ALUMNI REL
 300-1736  Julie A. Jackson M/C 079  DIR OF DEV, PRNPL & MAJR GIFTS
 265-0543  Cari S. James M/C 200  ASSOC DIR ANN GIV & CNST ENGMT
 333-0752  Deanne M. Johnson M/C 079  SR DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-4487  Christopher G. Kirby M/C 079  DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 333-8962  Scott A. Koeneman M/C 522  ASST DEAN OF LIBRS FOR ADV
 (312) 575-7828  Jill M. Korblick M/C 200  ASST DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 333-0232  Janet L. Kroencke M/C 586  ASST DIR ANNUAL GIV ALUMNI REL
 265-5307  Patty J. Lam M/C 304  SR DIR OF INATL ADVCMT
   Amber D. Lannert M/C 268  DIR OF ADVCMT
 244-3298  Susan E. Lee M/C 079  SR ASSOC VC FOR ADVCMT
 244-8146  John B. LeVold M/C 079  ASSOC DIR OF FDN RELATIONS
 300-5289  Theodore F. Long M/C 079  DIR OF TALENT MANAGEMENT
 244-9093  James Lukeman M/C 706  SR DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-4554  Joseph S. Madden M/C 220  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 265-0407  Nishant R. Makhijani M/C 250  ASST DIR OF ADVMT
 333-8085  Rajeev P. Malik M/C 079  DIR OF FOUNDATION RELATIONS
 552-7687  Erin K. Marker   ASSOC DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 244-3755  Jamie M. McFarling M/C 605  DIR SCHOLAR STEW DONOR REL
 333-9355  Kimberly K. Meenen M/C 710  ASST DEAN FOR ADVCMT
 333-6640  Howard Milton M/C 658  SR ASSOC ATHLETICS DIR DEV
 333-6358  Christy L. Moss M/C 605  SR DIR OF STRATEGIC ENGAGEMENT
 333-7285  Lissa May Mudrick M/C 706  SR DIR OF ADVCMT
 265-6966  Brenda J. Nardi M/C 592  DIR OF DEVLP
 333-9174  Lisa M. O'Banion M/C 605  ASSOC DIR ANNUAL GIVING PRGMS
   Jennifer L. Perkins M/C 608  DIR OF CORP & FNDTN REL
 300-0302  Vladica Petkovich M/C 079  DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 (312) 575-7880  Julie K. Pfeiffer   DIR DEVELOPMENT
 333-5686  Jason V. Quackenbush M/C 522  ASSOC DIR ANNUAL GIVING COMNC
 300-3314  Nancy E. Rampson M/C 252  DIR OF DEVLP
 300-5518  Trenton D. Reed M/C 220  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 244-2082  Marise H. Robbins-Forbes M/C 046  DIR OF DEV
 333-9713  Elizabeth A. Rodriquez M/C 244  ASST DIR OF ADVCMT
 300-1623  Tiffany X. Rossi M/C 522  DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 244-3594  Gail E. Rost M/C 621  DIR OF DEVLP
 300-2869  Rafael Salvani M/C 622  ASST DEAN FOR ADVCMT
 (312) 575-7895  Eva M. Schmidt M/C 200  ASST DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 265-5711  Kenneth A. Schmidt M/C 605  ASST VC CMPGN & STRATG ENGAGMT
 265-6391  Kimberly R. Schmidt M/C 605  STORYTELLING DIR
   Braden N. Shain M/C 608  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 ( ) 333-2131  Brian Silotto M/C 586  ASST DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 300-3171  Jennifer L. Smith M/C 710  ASST DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-6113  Matthew C. Smith M/C 710  ASST DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 300-5480  John F. Southwood M/C 238  SR DIR OF ADVCMT
 300-5114  Evan M. Tammen M/C 220  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 300-5749  William A. Turner M/C 594  ASST DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 333-2517  Heather F. Vazquez M/C 702  SR DIR OF ADVCMT
 333-7108  Joan M. Volkmann M/C 220  ASSOC DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 300-7178  Katie R. Walker M/C 079  ASST DIR OF TALENT MANAGEMENT
 244-6566  Janelle K. Weatherford M/C 079  SR DIR OF FOUNDATION RELATIONS
 300-3160  Brooke E. Weisenbeck   DIR OF INATL ADVCMT
   Ross Williams M/C 269  ASST DIR OF ADVCMT
 244-8307  Allison B. Winter   ASSOC DIR OF ADVCMT
   Kendra J. Wolf M/C 244  ASSOC DIR ADVCMT
 333-7108  Megan C. Wolf M/C 220  DIR OF DEVLP
 244-0604  Dale Wright M/C 272  ASSOC DEAN FOR ADVCMT
 (312) 575-7842  Matthew D. Wszolek M/C 200  ASSOC DIR OF COMNC
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 300-3698  Justin M. Brauer M/C 605  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 300-2441  Sherry K. Clayborn M/C 079  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSISTANT
 300-3489  Caroline A. Jandeska M/C 079  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 300-3487  Jennifer M. Kresin M/C 079  BUDGET ANALYST I
 (312) 575-7926  Michelle Kundrat M/C 200  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE (CONT)
 300-2575  Kelly M. McCleary M/C 605  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-2704  Brenda C. Morris M/C 079  HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATE
 333-4087  Kari J. Wallace M/C 079  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-3486  Kathleen A. Wax M/C 079  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
 300-0285  Penny F. White M/C 079  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE

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