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Department: 547  (IL State Geological Survey)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 02/18/2018

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 244-2401  Lori A. Walston-Vonderharr
 244-4768  Megan K. Weeks
Affirmative Action Officer
 244-4592  Susan L. Key
Business Manager
 244-7802  Alan P. Dudley
End-user IT Support
 333-5101  Jeffrey H. Young
Facilities Manager
 244-2393  Margret A. Chambers
Staff HR Contact
 244-2401  Lori A. Walston-Vonderharr
 244-4768  Megan K. Weeks

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 300-2579  Sebastien Huot M/C 650  VST RES SCHOLAR
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-2188  Curtis C. Abert M/C 674  ASSOC GEOLOGIST
 333-4258  Jessica R. Ackerman M/C 650  ASST WETLANDS GEOLOGIST
 244-8872  Daniel J. Adomaitis M/C 650  TEAM LEADER
 244-0995  Andrew C. Anderson M/C 650  ASSOC ENGR GEOLOGIST
 300-1819  Zohreh Askari Khorasgani M/C 650  GEOLOGIC SPEC
   Oladipupo O. Babarinde M/C 650  ASSISTANT GEOLOGIST
   Morgan K. Bailey M/C 650  ASST GEOCHEMIST
   Riley J. Balikian M/C 650  VST SR SCI SPEC, GEOPHYSICIST
 333-7917  Melony E. Barrett M/C 650  GEOSPATIAL APP DEVELOPER ; TEAM LEADER
 244-2394  Robert A. Bauer M/C 650  PRINCIPAL ENGR GEOLOGIST
 244-9306  Sheena K. Beaverson M/C 650  PROGRAM MANAGER IHMP
 265-5161  Clint W. Beccue M/C 650  ENVIRONMENTAL DATA COORD
 244-0082  Steven E. Benton M/C 650  ASSOC WETLANDS GEOLOGIST
 244-2776  Richard C. Berg M/C 650  DIR
 333-7078  Peter M. Berger M/C 650  ASST GEOCHEMIST
 244-6942  Curt S. Blakley M/C 650  ASSOC GEOLOGIST
 333-5143  Steven E. Brown M/C 650  SR GEOLOGIST & HEAD ; CHIEF SCIENTIST
 244-9045  Kathleen E. Bryant M/C 650  ASST WETLANDS GEOLOGIST
 333-3362  Daniel L. Byers M/C 650  MEDIA INFORMATION TECH ADMIN
 300-9462  Janet L. Camarca M/C 650  REMOTE SENSING DATA MANAGER
 265-6562  Keri N. Canaday M/C 650  ENERGY PROJECTS COORD
   Carl H. Carman   RESEARCH SPEC
 300-0198  Olivier Caron M/C 650  ASSOC QUATERNARY GEOLOGIST
 244-2764  Jennifer E. Carrell M/C 650  MAP STANDARDS COORD ; TEAM LEADER
 244-4610  Cheri A. Chenoweth M/C 650  ASSOC GEOLOGIST
 300-1171  Mark R. Collier M/C 650  TEAM LEADER ; ASST SECTION HEAD
   Allen Cooksey M/C 650  ENVIRON ASSESS SPEC
 244-5787  B. Brandon Curry M/C 650  SR QUATERNARY GEOLOGIST ; SECTION HEAD
 244-6229  James R. Damico M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
 265-6274  Seyed A. Dastgheib M/C 650  CHEMICAL/ENVIRON ENGINEER
 265-6572  Craig R. Decker M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
   Franck Delpomdor M/C 650  ASSOC SEDIMENTOLOGIST
 265-8992  Frederick B. Denny M/C 650  ASSOC ECONOMIC GEOLOGIST
 265-8991  Joseph A. Devera M/C 650  SR PALEONTOLOGIST
 (512) 994-5933  Yang Du   CHEM/ENV RESEARCH ENGR
 244-2192  Shari E. Effert-Fanta M/C 650  ASSOC GEOCHEMIST
 244-2502  Anne L. Ellison M/C 650  SR GEOLOGIST & CENTER DIR
 333-3222  Scott D. Elrick M/C 650  ASSOC GEOLOGIST ; SECTION HEAD
 265-6543  Bradley J. Ettlie M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
 244-7412  Scott M. Frailey M/C 650  SR RESERVOIR ENGINEER
 244-2495  Jared T. Freiburg   ASST GEOLOGIST
 244-2768  Damon A. Garner M/C 650  PROJ DATABASE DEVELOPER
 265-8989  James W. Geiger M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
   Christina E. Gondry M/C 650  VST ENVR ASSESS SPEC
 333-8741  Jennifer M. Greco M/C 650  GEOLOGIC SPEC
 244-4068  Sallie E. Greenberg M/C 650  ASSOC DIR
   Nathan P. Grigsby M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
 244-7324  David A. Grimley M/C 650  PRIN RES SCI, QUATERNARY GEOL
 265-4450  Brian L. Hacker M/C 650  TEAM LEADER
 300-0005  Anne M. Huber M/C 650  GEOLOGIC INFORMATION CURATOR
 333-2341  Abbas Iranmanesh M/C 650  SR RES SPEC
 300-4516  Matthew R. Jefferson M/C 674  REMOTE SENSING DATA ANALYST
   Michelle A. Johnson M/C 650  CENTER COORDINATOR
   Scott W. Kangas M/C 650  VST ENVRL ASSMT SPEC
 ( ) 333-2888  Kiel G. Keller M/C 650  TEAM LEADER
   Mansour Khosravi RokRok M/C 650  ASSOC PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST
 244-5585  Ronald Klass M/C 650  SCIENTIFIC DATABASE COORD
   Brian D. Klipp M/C 650  VST ENVIRON ASSESS SPEC
 333-7256  Christopher P. Korose M/C 650  ASSOC GEOLOGIST
 244-0057  Carolyn A. Kroll M/C 650  ENVIRON ASSESSMENTS SPEC
 300-2807  Sue B. Krusemark M/C 650  MANAGING SCIENTIFIC EDITOR
 244-2775  Timothy H. Larson M/C 650  SR GEOPHYSICIST
 333-2149  Yaghoob Lasemi M/C 650  RESERVOIR GEOLOGIST
 244-6944  Zakaria Lasemi M/C 650  SR GEOLOGIST
 333-5058  Hannes E. Leetaru M/C 650  SR PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST ; SECTION HEAD
   Michael D. Lewsader M/C 650  VST LABORATORY SPEC
 333-0235  Yu-Feng Lin M/C 650  HYDROGEOLOGIST
 265-5642  Deette M. Lund M/C 650  GEOSPATIAL DATA ANALYST
   Rebecca A. Meerdink M/C 650  VST ENVRL ASSMT SPEC
 244-5786  James J. Miner M/C 650  WETLANDS GEOLOGY SECTION HD
 244-0414  Charles C. Monson M/C 650  ASST PROJECT COORD
 265-6895  Jessica L. Monson M/C 650  ASST WETLANDS GEOLOGIST
   Kisa E. Mwakanyamale M/C 650  ASSOC GEOPHYSICIST
 300-2570  Alan R. Myers M/C 650  GEOLOGIC SPEC
   Audra M. Noyes M/C 650  WETLANDS GEOLOGY SPEC
 244-2869  Roland T. Okwen M/C 650  RESERVOIR ENGINEER
 244-2456  Samuel V. Panno M/C 650  SR GEOCHEMIST
   Christina M. Penna M/C 650  VST ENVIRON ASSESS SPEC
   Martin Pentrak M/C 650  ASSOC MINERALOGIST
 333-2513  Andrew C. Phillips M/C 650  ASSOC QUATERNARY GEOLOGIST
 265-8029  Eric T. Plankell M/C 650  ASSOC WETLANDS GEOLOGIST
 265-8212  Geoffrey E. Pociask M/C 650  ASSOC WETLANDS GEOLOGIST ; ASST SECTION HEAD
   Laura M. Quirk M/C 650  ENV ASSESSMENT SPEC
   Neil C. Rhoades M/C 650  VST ENVRL ASSMT SPEC
   Joshua J. Richardson M/C 650  WETLANDS GEOLOGY SPEC
 244-0582  David L. Ruhter M/C 650  RESEARCH SPEC
 300-3993  Hafiz H. Salih M/C 650  CHEM/ENVIR RESEARCH ENGINEER
   Katharine L. Schleich M/C 650  WETLANDS GEOLOGY SPEC
 300-1169  Dale R. Schmidt M/C 650  TEAM LEADER
 265-6578  Matthew P. Spaeth M/C 650  ASST GEOLOGIST
   Mallory F. Stevenson M/C 650  VST ENVRL ASSESSMENT SPEC
 244-6462  Andrew J. Stumpf M/C 650  ASSOC QUATERNARY GEOLOGIST
 333-9625  Jung Sun Sung M/C 508  VST EVALUATION SPEC
   Trina M. Svenningsen M/C 650  VST ENVIRON ASSESS SPEC
   Ethan J. Theuerkauf M/C 650  COASTAL GEOLOGIST
 244-2508  Jason F. Thomason M/C 650  ASSOC HYDROGEOLOGIST ; SECTION HEAD
 244-2514  Daniel S. Thurston M/C 650  RESEARCH SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR
 300-5180  Tiffany V. Vlahopoulos   VST ENVRL ASSESSMENTS SPEC
   Stephanie A. Wagner M/C 650  ENVRON ASSESSMENTS SPEC
 244-2426  Nathan D. Webb M/C 650  ASST PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST
 244-3114  Steven G. Whittaker M/C 650  DIR
 244-0116  Donna C. Willette M/C 650  PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST
 244-0163  Bracken T. Wimmer M/C 650  SR RESEARCH SPEC
 265-0747  Mark A. Yacucci M/C 650  GEOSCIENCE DATA COORD ; SECTION HEAD
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 265-7305  Virgie J. Amacher M/C 650  CLERK, CHIEF
 300-1177  Jack R. Aud M/C 650  DRILLER
   Randy A. Blacker M/C 650  DRILLER LABORER
 265-0889  Robert A. Bryant M/C 650  DRILLER ASSISTANT
   Travis R. Griest M/C 650  DRILLER ASSISTANT
 333-1027  Tina M. Happ M/C 652  ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK
 244-8994  Kathleen M. Henry M/C 650  CLERK, ADMINISTRATIVE
 244-2762  Michael W. Knapp M/C 650  GRAPHIC DESIGNER ASSOC
 244-5410  Brent E. Lemke M/C 650  CLERK, ADMINISTRATIVE
 333-8655  Donna D. McCoy M/C 650  ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK
 333-5109  Cynthia S. Melchi M/C 650  CLERK, STAFF
 333-5105  Tamra S. Montgomery M/C 650  AIDE, ADMINISTRATIVE
 300-9386  Robert R. Mumm M/C 650  CLERK, ADMINISTRATIVE
   Richard K. Padilla M/C 650  DRILLER LABORER
 244-2486  Ladonna L. Pearl M/C 650  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 333-5116  Steve L. Sargent M/C 650  TECHNICIAN III, INSTR & MEAS
   Michael R. Sefcik M/C 650  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 265-6528  Derek E. Sompong M/C 650  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE

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