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DMI PN99022

Department: 580  (LAS Administration)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 01/24/2021

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 300-9440  Audrey J. Ramsey
 333-4708  Staci L. Wagers
Assistant for the EO
 244-2794  Angela M. Graham
Business Manager
 333-7457  Carol B. Hartman
EEO Officer
 333-6622  Amy L. Elli
End-user IT Support
 265-6487  Gabriel Gibson
Facilities Manager
 300-4444  Derek Fultz
Staff HR Contact
 300-9440  Audrey J. Ramsey
 333-4708  Staci L. Wagers

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
 244-5001  Kate C. Abney M/C 446  ASSOC DIR, INCLTRL & GLBL LRNG
 333-1350  Matthew A. Ando M/C 448  ASSOC DEAN
 300-5967  Joseph B. Baldwin M/C 220  ASSOC DIR OF DEVLP
   Ekateryna S. Bondareva M/C 303  ASST DIR, RECRUIT & ADM
 300-3938  Nikia Brown M/C 446  ASSOC DIR INTCLTRL/GLOBAL LRNG
   Savannah J. Carter   ACAD ADVR
   Anna L. Chovanec M/C 446  ACAD ADVR
 300-0806  Rodger S. Cox M/C 446  ACAD ADVR
 244-2089  Clare H. Crowston M/C 466  ASSOC DEAN
 300-1395  Richard L. DePaolis-Metz M/C 448  DIR OF RECRUIT & ADM
 333-6622  Amy L. Elli M/C 448  SR ASSOC DIR OF HR ; SR ASSOC DIR OF ACAD PRGM
   Paul R. Elliott M/C 448  ASSOC DIR OF COMNC & MKTG
 244-3753  Jonathan O. Elugbadebo M/C 446  ASSOC DIR, RECRUIT & ADM
 244-6399  David A. Evensen M/C 448  SR EDITORIAL SPEC
 265-6797  Allyssa J. Finder M/C 446  ACAD ADVR
 300-4444  Derek Fultz M/C 448  DIR OF FACILTS
 244-1397  Heather L. Gillett M/C 448  SR GRAPHIC DESIGN SPEC
 300-7867  Elizabeth A. Hanauer M/C 446  DIR, EDUC ABROAD
 333-9552  Barbara Hancin-Bhatt M/C 446  ASSOC DEAN, LAS SAAO
 333-7457  Carol B. Hartman M/C 448  SR ASSOC DIR OF FIN OPER
 300-6627  Jennifer C. Hinds M/C 220  ASSOC DIR, STEWARD & DONOR REL
 300-4387  Allison Holden M/C 448  ASSOC DIR, LAS HONORS
 265-6258  Sheldon Katz M/C 382  DEANS SPEC ADVISOR
 244-2599  Robert D. Kessler M/C 448  ASST DEAN, FIN & RSRC PLNG
 300-4487  Christopher G. Kirby M/C 079  DIR OF DEVLP
 300-7974  Kathryn L. Krueger M/C 446  DIR, LAS HONORS
 244-9092  Melissa A. Kuhl   DIGITAL MEDIA SPEC
   Amanda L. Lentz M/C 448  ACAD PRGM ADVS EDUC ABROAD
 300-4554  Joseph S. Madden M/C 220  ASSOC DIR OF DEVLP
 244-1419  Isabel Molina M/C 463  ASSOC DEAN DVSTY & INCLSN
 244-1978  Allison L. Myles M/C 220  ASSOC DIR SPEC EVENTS
 300-1699  Ashley A. Nagele M/C 220  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 265-0880  Tracy M. Parish M/C 220  DIR OF CORP & FNDTN REL
 333-9836  Gretchen M. Pein Baloun M/C 446  ASST DEAN-STUDENT ACAD AFFAIRS
 244-6376  William B. Petersen M/C 448  EXEC DIR COMNC MKTG
 333-1705  Ashley A. Poppy M/C 446  ACAD ADVR
 244-7091  Tenaya E. Reifsteck M/C 180  ASST DIR-ACAD ADVR
 333-1350  Kelly A. Ritter M/C 448  ASSOC DEAN
 265-0309  Gene E. Robinson M/C 195  INTERIM DEAN
 300-9993  Braden N. Shain M/C 220  ASSOC DIR OF DEVLP
 244-2433  Murillo S. Soranso M/C 446  ASST DEAN, STDNT ACAD AFF
 333-1813  Miranda Spencer M/C 220  DIR ALUMNI REL
 244-6877  Robert C. Steltman M/C 446  EXEC ASST DEAN, LAS-SAAO
 300-5114  Evan M. Tammen M/C 220  ASSOC DIR OF DEVLP
 333-2683  David H. Tewksbury M/C 456  EXEC ASSOC DEAN
   Kristy M. Valentin M/C 446  DIR, LAS ACCESS & ACHVMT PRGM
 300-5085  Doreen N. Vaughn M/C 446  ACAD ADVR, AAP
 244-6320  Leslie J. Vermillion M/C 220  SR DIR ADVCMT OPER
 333-7108  Joan M. Volkmann M/C 220  ASSOC DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 333-4708  Staci L. Wagers M/C 448  DIR OF HR
 244-5398  Michael A. Wellens M/C 448  DIR BDGT & RSRSC PLNG
   Raymona E. Wicks M/C 614  ACAD ADVR
 ( ) 300-5027  Paul W. Winterbotham M/C 448  ASST DIR OF DEVLP
 333-7108  Megan C. Wolf M/C 220  DIR OF DEVLP
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-5198  Leisha K. Beasley M/C 448  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Teresha A. Bossingham M/C 448  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-4453  Allison F. Branson M/C 446  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Belinda S. Davis M/C 446  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 244-1587  Mary F. Davis M/C 446  OFFICER, ADMISSIONS & RECORDS
 300-5027  Rita E. Davis M/C 448  HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATE
 300-0431  Karla D. Denzler M/C 448  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-6723  Rayme T. Dorsey Ackerman M/C 448  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Catherine S. Edgar M/C 446  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
   Gabrielle N. Elkins M/C 448  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 300-6546  Andrew P. Gabel M/C 448  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 300-3855  Heidi A. Gnadt M/C 448  PROJ MGR
 244-2794  Angela M. Graham M/C 448  ASST TO THE DEAN
 300-8575  Cindy J. Kempke M/C 220  OFFICE MANAGER
 333-8961  Sheila M. Kroon M/C 220  OFFICE MANAGER
 265-7677  Alice S. Lafond M/C 448  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN II
 300-3260  Jasmine M. Luckett   OFFICE MANAGER
 300-7393  Jason E. Madden M/C 448  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-5442  Kari A. Mahannah M/C 446  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS REP
 300-0434  Jeanine A. Meyer M/C 446  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS OFFICER
 265-6211  Sarah E. Morris M/C 220  OFFICE MANAGER
 333-1701  Joseph E. Murphy M/C 446  OFFICER, ADMISSIONS & RECORDS
 333-9552  Allison D. Perry M/C 446  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Kayleigh Rahn M/C 448  EDITORIAL SPEC
 300-9440  Audrey J. Ramsey M/C 448  HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST
 ( ) 300-5027  Brian Schumacher M/C 448  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS REP
   Keith W. Sutterfield M/C 448  DIGITAL MEDIA SPEC

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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