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Department: 581  (Kinesiology & Community Health)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 02/17/2019

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 300-7045  Tina M. Candler
   Erin M. Farrar
Affirmative Action Officer
 333-3877  Synthia Sydnor
Business Manager
   Erin M. Farrar
Facilities Manager
 300-7045  Tina M. Candler
 300-7045  Tina M. Candler
Staff HR Contact
 300-7045  Tina M. Candler
   Erin M. Farrar

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-2461  Brynn C. Adamson M/C 052  TEACHING ASST PROF
   Susan Aguinaga M/C 517  ASST PROF
 333-2307  Reginald J. Alston M/C 588  PROF
 244-0966  Ruopeng An M/C 588  ASST PROF
 333-3675  Flavia C. Andrade M/C 588  ASSOC PROF
 (312) 513-8322  Lynette C. Barnes   ADJ LECTURER
 (312) 413-1962  Tracy Baynard M/C 517  ASST PROF
 300-6880  Julie L. Bobitt M/C 586  TEACHING ASST PROF
 244-1459  Marni Boppart M/C 251  ASSOC PROF
 333-2461  Nicholas A. Burd M/C 052  ASST PROF
 300-0488  Kristin N. Carlson M/C 052  TEACHING ASST PROF
 244-6435  Chung-Yi Chiu M/C 588  ASST PROF
 333-6715  Wojciech Chodzko-Zajko M/C 322  PROF
 333-7113  Gary S. Crull M/C 052  INSTRUCTOR
 300-8400  Kristen N. DiFilippo M/C 586  TEACHING ASST PROF
 333-6876  Susan M. Farner M/C 588  ADJ LECTURER
 (312) 413-9180  Bo Fernhall M/C 518  PROF
 265-0726  Robyn L. Gobin M/C 588  ASST PROF
 300-6183  Neha P. Gothe M/C 052  ASST PROF
 333-2697  Kim C. Graber M/C 052  PROF
 333-9207  Diana S. Grigsby   ASSOC PROF
   Cheryl D. Hanley-Maxwell M/C 586  PROF
 244-0823  Manuel E. Hernandez M/C 052  ASST PROF
 300-2512  Hannah D. Holscher   ASST PROF
 300-7253  Yih-Kuen Jan M/C 588  ASSOC PROF
 300-9393  Hyojung Kang M/C 052  ASST PROF
 244-6257  Justine Kaplan M/C 588  LECTURER
 333-9030  Renique Kersh M/C 052  ADJ LECTURER
 333-3893  Naiman A. Khan M/C 052  ASST PROF
 ( ) 333-2307  Hillary Klonoff-Cohen M/C 586  PROF
 333-0126  Matthew C. Kolb M/C 588  ADJ LECTURER
 ( ) 333-2461  Adam R. Konopka M/C 052  ASST PROF
 300-3512  Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo M/C 588  ASST PROF
 300-1022  Citlali Lopez-Ortiz M/C 052  ASST PROF
 333-6487  Edward McAuley M/C 052  PROF EMERITUS
 300-3088  Shannon Mejia M/C 588  ASST PROF
 244-4502  Sean P. Mullen M/C 052  ASSOC PROF
 265-6232  Stephen J. Notaro M/C 588  TEACHING ASSOC PROF
 244-7325  Steven J. Petruzzello M/C 052  PROF
 300-7317  Dominika M. Pindus M/C 052  ASST PROF
 333-1807  Ian M. Rice M/C 588  ASST PROF
 333-4650  Laura A. Rice   ASST PROF
 300-1058  Alicia Richards M/C 052  INSTR
 300-7994  Kevin A. Richards M/C 052  ASST PROF
   Anna I. Rinaldi-Miles M/C 588  ADJ LECTURER
 300-1470  Wendy Rogers M/C 588  PROF ; SHAHID & ANN CARLSON KHAN PROF
 244-8131  Karin A. Rosenblatt M/C 588  ASSOC PROF
 333-8519  James Rounds M/C 708  PROF
   Andiara Schwingel M/C 586  ASSOC PROF
 300-8139  Chelsea R. Singleton M/C 588  ASST PROF
   John M. Snyder M/C 588  ADJ LECTURER
   Jacob J. Sosnoff M/C 052  PROF
 244-3936  David R. Strauser M/C 588  PROF
 333-1651  Luke Sullivan M/C 052  ADJ LECTURER
 333-3877  Synthia Sydnor M/C 052  ASSOC PROF
 265-6755  Kenneth Wilund M/C 052  PROF
 244-0823  Amelia M. Woods M/C 052  PROF
 244-8815  Jeffrey A. Woods M/C 586  PROF
 333-7503  Weimo Zhu M/C 052  PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-2697  Kim C. Graber M/C 052  ASSOC HEAD ; ASSOC HEAD FOR UGRAD AFF
 300-1001  Heather N. Holtzclaw-Stone M/C 588  ASST DIR TECH HLTH IND PRGMS
 244-6257  Justine Kaplan M/C 588  DIR, MASTERS PUB HLTH PRGM
 265-6232  Stephen J. Notaro M/C 588  DIR MASTERS SCI HLTH ADMN PRGM
 820-1481  Brian M. Pastor M/C 588  VST RESEARCH LAB COORD
 244-7325  Steven J. Petruzzello M/C 052  ASSOC HEAD
 300-0330  Mounika Polavarapu M/C 052  MASTER PUBLIC HLTH PRGM COORD
 244-8442  Ginger E. Reeser M/C 052  VST RES SPEC
 244-0823  Amelia M. Woods M/C 052  HEAD
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 300-7045  Tina M. Candler M/C 588  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-1083  Julie R. Jenkins M/C 052  ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK
 300-9530  Tracy J. Wilson M/C 052  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN II
 333-2461  Tammy M. Winterbottom M/C 052  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
U. Other
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 (512) 232-7636  Darla M. Castelli M/C 052  VST ASST PROF
 244-2852  Karen M. Chapman-Novakofski M/C 182  ADJ PROF
 265-0886  Robert W. Motl M/C 052  ADJ PROF
 333-3676  John D. Polk M/C 148  ADJ PROF

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
All addresses and phone numbers are taken from the EDW. Employees may correct any errors themselves by logging on to Nessie.

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