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DMI PN99022

Department: 661  (Engineering IT Shared Services)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 08/09/2020

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 244-1056  Sarah L. McCarty
Assistant for the EO
 244-0896  Jackie L. Mitchell
Business Manager
 244-0896  Jackie L. Mitchell
Facilities Manager
 300-2669  Daniel J. Maier
Staff HR Contact
 244-1056  Sarah L. McCarty

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
   John O. Anindo M/C 258  WEB APP DEVLPR
 244-1743  James A. Babiarz M/C 258  SR WINDOWS SYST ADMNR
 300-5598  Patrick E. Bailey M/C 258  ASSOC IT SPEC
 300-4654  Kaitlyn L. Bequette M/C 258  STUD EMPL COORD
 244-1871  Jeremy W. Bird M/C 258  APP SUPP SPEC
 244-7504  Kathleen S. Booth M/C 702  BUS ANLYS
 300-5505  Palmer Buss M/C 258  SR IT SPEC
 244-3408  Brad Butler M/C 258  ASSOC DIR WEB, APP, INFO SERV
 244-7164  Michael G. Chan M/C 258  IT ARCH
   Casey R. Coughlen M/C 173  LINUX SYST ADMIN
 300-1460  Thomas J. England M/C 258  SR PROJ MGR
   Lin Fan M/C 312  LEAD INFO SPEC
 244-7514  Joel T. Franzen M/C 258  SR LINUX SYST ADMNR
 244-8288  James D. Han   IT SPEC
 300-6958  Laura T. Herriott M/C 228  ASST DIR FOR RES SERV
 244-3617  James R. Hurst   DIR, ENGR IT SHARED SERV
 244-8554  Benjamin J. Kaap M/C 210  DATABASE ADMNR
 333-7458  Thang H. Le M/C 258  SR WEB APP DEVLPR
 300-1682  Brian J. Lee M/C 702  IT SPEC
   John Lee M/C 258  HELP DESK SERV MGR
   Jordan T. Lowe M/C 548  SR WEB APP DEVLPR
 244-7530  Bradley R. Mahaffey M/C 245  ASSOC DIR FOR IT OPER
 333-6231  David E. Mussulman M/C 258  INSTRN TECHNOL FACILITATOR
 333-2196  Kim T. Nguyen-Jahiel M/C 258  ASST DIR FOR INSTRN SERV
   Tyler Owens M/C 228  ASSOC IT SPEC
 265-5189  Frank E. Penrose M/C 258  SYST ENGR
   Muhammad Saleh B. Raghib   ASSOC IT SPEC
 244-0157  Irene J. Sakellarakis M/C 230  SR IT SPEC
 300-0051  Jason B. Smith   SR IT SPEC
 244-7601  Paul J. Taraszka M/C 240  SR LINUX SYST ADMNR
 333-6116  Sandra Thompson M/C 256  SR SYST ADMNR
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Khlaf Abdulsalam K Alkhaldi M/C 258  IT SPEC
 244-4251  Travis Ashmore   ANALYTICS MGR
   Halim A. Beere M/C 266  ASSOC WEB APP DEVLPR
   Salim M. Belahi M/C 244  IT MGR
   Robert K. Brank M/C 258  ASSOC ELEARNING SPEC
 265-6128  Scott V. Cimarusti M/C 258  SR ELEARNING SPEC
 300-1075  Ethan W. Conner   IT SPEC
   Logan E. Deweese M/C 266  INVENTORY SPECIALIST
 244-1031  Gina M. Duello M/C 230  INSTRN SERV LABS COORD
 265-4957  Neil R. Feuerhelm M/C 258  SR AUDIO VISUAL TECH SPEC
 333-0527  Bobbi L. Hardy M/C 258  COMN & CUSTOMER REL COORD
   Justin M. Hedrick M/C 258  ASSOC AUDIO VISUAL TECH SPEC
 333-9776  Michaela L. Hillen   ASSOC IT SPEC
   Rebecca J. Hodgson M/C 258  ASSOC IT SPEC
 265-0713  Amy B. Hurst M/C 256  ASSOC BUS ANLYS
 300-0138  Kathleen S. Jennings M/C 258  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN II
 300-8119  Ji Yoon Jung   HELP DESK SPEC
 244-8769  Ji-Hoon Jung   IT SPEC
   Jonathan H. Kim M/C 258  ASSOC ELEARNING SPEC
 300-5827  Siddhartha H. Majumdar   ASSOC IT SPEC
   Steven Maxwell M/C 200  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE (CONT)
 244-0896  Jackie L. Mitchell M/C 258  BUSINESS MANAGER I
 300-3745  Brian E. Nicely M/C 702  IT SPEC
 244-7549  Gianni Pezzarossi M/C 258  COMPUTATIONAL SYST ANLYS
   Manu Pulikkan M/C 702  LEAD WINDOWS SYST ADMNR
   Glen Rundblom M/C 258  LINUX SYST ADMNR
 300-0239  Matthew M. Seng M/C 258  SR IT SPEC
 300-0288  Edwin S. Waldmire IV M/C 258  LINUX SYST ADMNR
 300-3611  Melissa Whitt M/C 6180  ELEARNING SPEC
 300-5028  Kaiwen Xue M/C 258  LINUX SYST ADMNR
   Masaharu S. Yamaguchi M/C 258  ASSOC IT SPEC

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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