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Department: 783  (School of Social Work)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 12/31/2017

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 333-4186  Wendy G. Harris
Affirmative Action Officer
 244-5230  Sandra L. Kopels
Assistant for the EO
 333-6872  Deborah S. Richardson
Business Manager
 333-4186  Wendy G. Harris
Staff HR Contact
 333-4186  Wendy G. Harris
 333-6872  Deborah S. Richardson

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 300-6364  Steven G. Anderson M/C 082  PROF
   Shanondora Billiot M/C 082  ASST PROF
 333-2887  Janet D. Carter-Black M/C 082  TEACHING PROF
   Valerie Cintron M/C 140  CLINICAL ASST PROF
 244-5232  Tara Earls Larrison M/C 082  TEACHING ASSOC PROF
 333-2261  Christine Escobar-Sawicki M/C 082  CLIN ASST PROF
 244-9649  Sherrie M. Faulkner M/C 082  CLIN ASST PROF
 244-5235  Judith R. Havlicek M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 (312) 996-2218  Rosalba Hernandez M/C 192  ASST PROF
 244-5230  Sandra L. Kopels M/C 140  PROF
 419-3145  Christopher R. Larrison M/C 180  ASSOC PROF
 244-7583  Tara Leytham Powell M/C 082  ASST PROF
 244-5211  Hong Li M/C 140  ASSOC PROF
 265-0577  Janet M. Liechty M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 333-2261  Brenda C. Lindsey M/C 082  TEACHING PROF
 244-5242  Benjamin J. Lough M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 244-7583  Carol W. Mauck M/C 082  CLINICAL ASST PROF
 244-7230  Mary F. Maurer M/C 082  CLIN ASSOC PROF
 333-2261  Hellen G. McDonald M/C 082  CLIN ASSOC PROF
 ( ) 244-5219  Julie L. Munoz-Najar M/C 082  CLINICAL ASST PROF
 244-5233  Teresa A. Ostler M/C 082  PROF
 244-5236  Lissette Piedra M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 333-2714  Kimberly S. Rice M/C 026  CLINICAL ASST PROF
 333-5308  Douglas C. Smith M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 300-0200  Karen M. Tabb Dina M/C 082  ASST PROF
   Kevin P. Tan M/C 082  ASST PROF
 333-2261  Kate M. Wegmann M/C 082  ASST PROF
 300-0259  Nancy L. White-Gibson M/C 082  CLIN ASST PROF
   Carol J. Wilson Smith M/C 140  CLIN ASSOC PROF
 ( ) 244-7583  Liliane Windsor M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 244-5222  Chi-Fang Wu M/C 082  ASSOC PROF
 244-5252  Min Zhan M/C 140  PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 (773) 371-6434  Donald Adams Jr M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF LRNG AND DEVLP
 244-1384  Kyle A. Adams III M/C 657  RES DATA ANALYST
 300-6364  Steven G. Anderson M/C 082  DEAN
 (312) 328-2948  YaVonna M. Barnes M/C 082  CONTRACT SPECIALIST
 (618) 942-5096  Karla A. Blake M/C 082  REGIONAL TRAINING SPEC
 300-5766  Nicki L. Bond M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
   Christine M. Brambila M/C 082  COMMUNITY PRACTICE COORD
   Christine Brueske M/C 082  QUALITY SERVICE REVIEWER
 (312) 328-2527  Marla L. Byrd M/C 082  CONTRACT SPECIALIST
 300-5766  Audrey Cail M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
   Laura A. Caveny M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF DEVELOPMENT
 (312) 996-0032  Kimberly Coupet M/C 082  FIELD IMPLEMENTATION SUPP SPEC
 300-8037  Paul D. Curtis M/C 082  PROGRAM MANAGER
   Amy S. Dennison M/C 082  FIELD IMP SUPP SPEC
 244-0619  Rachael E. Dietkus M/C 082  ASST DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
 300-5766  Renaldo E. Dixon Jr M/C 082  FISCAL DIR
 300-5766  Shereta M. Dyer-Everett M/C 082  CONTRACT SPECIALIST
   Lori L. Egizio M/C 082  VST TRAINING COORD
 (773) 371-6133  June A. Eichelberger M/C 082  SR TRAINING FACILITATOR
 244-9649  Sherrie M. Faulkner M/C 082  CLL DIR ; DIR OF BSW FIELD ED
   Karen Felix M/C 082  FIELD IMP SUPP TECH
 244-6055  Nancy Flowers M/C 665  ASSOC DIR RES PRGM
   Emilie M. Forrester M/C 082  FIELD IMP SUPP SPEC
 300-5766  Danielle P. Gage M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
 (312) 814-6853  Elaine M. Goodrick M/C 082  PROGRAM MGR
 300-5766  Riad A. Haddad M/C 082  HEALTH SERVICES SPECIALIST
 (773) 371-6000  Sandra Hall M/C 082  LEARNING AND DEVLP SPEC
 300-5766  Sharva Y. Hampton-Campbell M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF PRIDE
 300-5766  Robert R. Harris M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF FEDERAL REPORTING
 333-4186  Wendy G. Harris M/C 082  ASST DEAN FOR ADMIN
 (309) 236-6058  Ginny M. Hayes Manske M/C 082  REGIONAL TRAINING SPECIALIST
 244-2616  Scott P. Hays M/C 665  SR RES SCI
 300-1159  Margaret Helms M/C 082  DIR OF RES DEV
 265-0188  Anthony W. Hillen M/C 082  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPEC
 300-5766  Lori J. Horgan M/C 082  REGIONAL TRAINING COORD
 300-0885  Donna A. Jeno-Amici M/C 082  GRANTS & CONTRACTS SPEC
 (618) 594-2086  Cara M. Kehder M/C 082  ASSOC DIR OF CONTRACT ADMIN
 (773) 371-6489  Verleaner R. Lane M/C 082  ASSOC DIR, PRE & IN-SERV
 333-2261  Brenda C. Lindsey M/C 082  ASST DEAN UGRAD/BSW PRGM DIR
 785-0532  Jeanette L. Long M/C 082  PROGRAM MANAGER
 244-5242  Benjamin J. Lough M/C 082  MSW PROGRAM DIR
 244-7230  Mary F. Maurer M/C 082  ASST DEAN(FIELD),MSW FIELD DIR
 (773) 371-6245  Alison B. McKenna M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
 300-5766  Devia L. Murray-Holmes M/C 082  PROGRAM MGR
 300-5766  Nisha Patel M/C 082  PROGRAM SPEC
 244-5240  Becky L. Ponder M/C 082  DIR OF COMMUNICATIONS
 782-3182  Audrey D. Reischauer M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
   Felicia Robinson M/C 082  IB3-NPP FIELD SUPP COORD
   Sherri L. Rudicil M/C 082  SURVEY RES OUTREACH SPEC
 (773) 371-6132  Veronica S. Sanchez M/C 082  TRAINING FACILITATOR
 524-3549  Kimberly D. Sharp M/C 082  ASSOC DIR PRE AND IN SERVICE
 (773) 371-6070  Toccara N. Steele M/C 082  ASSOC DIR AC PARTNERSHIPS
   Christianna L. Sullivan M/C 082  FAMILY SUPP SPEC
 244-5246  Aaron T. Surratt M/C 082  ACADEMIC ADVISOR
 (773) 371-6509  Brooke E. Taylor M/C 6062  ASST DIR OF REG AND LOGISTICS
 265-0630  Gail A. Tittle M/C 665  RES PROGRAM SPEC
   Steve Tran M/C 201  RES SPECIALIST
 300-5766  Michelle L. Twist M/C 082  VST HUMAN RESOURCE SPEC
 524-3569  Heather N. Vose M/C 082  ASST DIR OF CERT AND LICENSING
   Gilbert Walker M/C 082  COMTY ENGAGMT SPEC
 244-5219  Jaime L. Waymouth M/C 082  ASSOC DIR FOR ADMINISTRATION
   Derek J. Williams M/C 460  SOFTWARE DEVELOPER
 300-5766  Brittany M. Willis M/C 082  REGIONAL TRAINING SPECIALST
 300-5766  Wendell A. Winslow M/C 082  SR TRAINING FACILITATOR
 244-5222  Chi-Fang Wu M/C 082  PHD PROGRAM DIR
 244-5252  Min Zhan M/C 140  ASSOC DEAN FOR ACAD PROG
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 300-3280  Amy M. Blue-Short M/C 665  PROGRAM COORDINATOR
   Jenna E. Bolser M/C 082  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOC (CONT)
   Nicole M. Bonoan M/C 082  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE (CONT)
 333-8994  Julia A. Brenner M/C 665  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
 300-0224  Marie E. Caldwell M/C 082  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
   Rachel L. Cockerell M/C 082  BUSINESS MANAGER I (CONTRACT)
 244-7583  Abigail C. Drewes M/C 246  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 (618) 684-5863  Jill E. Escue M/C 082  PROGRAM COORDINATOR (CONTRACT)
 300-1479  Mary R. Flesner M/C 082  CLERICAL ASSISTANT
 244-1064  Amy E. Frederick M/C 082  PROGRAM COORDINATOR
 557-3975  Amy L. Graham M/C 082  CLERICAL ASSISTANT (CONTRACT)
 333-8993  Cindy R. Heck M/C 665  STAFF CLERK
 244-8464  Amy L. Hiles M/C 082  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN III
 524-2034  Kelvin D. Hopson M/C 082  CLERK (CONTRACT)
   Augustine James M/C 082  PROGRAM SERVICES AIDE (CONT)
   Betty J. Johnson M/C 082  PROGRAM SERVICES AIDE (CONT)
 557-2895  Carla N. Jones M/C 082  CLERICAL ASSISTANT (CONTRACT)
   Ruth E. Kirkpatrick M/C 082  PROGRAM SERVICES AIDE (CONT)
 300-0132  Jitenga I. Knox M/C 665  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 265-8195  Barbara W. Lancaster M/C 665  STAFF CLERK
   Cynthia Lemoine M/C 082  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOC (CONT)
   Cynthia Lesley M/C 082  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR (CONT)
   Patricia A. Lofton M/C 082  PROGRAM ASSISTANT (CONTRACT)
 333-5837  Heidi R. Meyer   OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-2770  Martha A. Mills M/C 082  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 244-5246  Rachelle R. Nickey M/C 082  OFFICE MANAGER
   Crystal D. Reeves M/C 082  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN I
 333-6872  Deborah S. Richardson M/C 082  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
 333-9726  Barbara J. Roth M/C 665  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 244-5244  Cheryl M. Street M/C 082  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS SUPERVISR
   Marcetta Trowbridge M/C 082  BUSINESS MANAGER II (CONT)
 300-5340  Alice J. Turner M/C 082  BUSINESS/ADMIN ASSOCIATE
 300-3406  Ornit Weiss M/C 665  IT TECHNICAL ASSOCIATE
   Carolyn Williams-Gibson M/C 082  PROGRAM SERVICES AIDE (CONT)

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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