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Department: 853  (Law)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 12/31/2017

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic Advisor
 333-1097  Virginia M. Vermillion-Hennessey
Academic HR Contact
 265-9882  Patrick G. Rietz
Affirmative Action Officer
   Jennifer K. Robbennolt
Assistant for the EO
 333-9859  Cheryl L. Long
Business Manager
 244-6165  Randall K. Elkins
Conflict of Interest Contact
 265-6740  Ralph E. Brubaker
End-user IT Support
 244-6087  Tyler D. Hunter
 333-0930  Carolyn A. Brown
Staff HR Contact
 265-9882  Patrick G. Rietz

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-4960  Rummana Alam M/C 504  LECTURER
   Vikram D. Amar M/C 594  PROF ; IWAN FOUNDATION PROF
 333-7404  James D. Anderson M/C 708  PROF
 244-8256  Sean M. Anderson M/C 594  TEACHING ASST PROF
 244-1668  Amitai Aviram M/C 594  PROF
   Andrew W. Bequette M/C 594  ADJ PROF
 ( ) 333-3232  Kenworthey Bilz M/C 594  PROF
 333-7954  Francis A. Boyle M/C 594  PROF
 265-6740  Ralph E. Brubaker M/C 594  PROF ; CARL L VACKETTA PROF
 265-5055  Leon D. Dash M/C 462  PROF
   Tracy D. Douglas M/C 594  VST CLIN RES ASSOC
 265-0878  Margareth Etienne M/C 594  PROF ; NANCY SNOWDEN RESEARCH SCHOLAR
 333-3616  Christopher Fennell M/C 148  ASSOC PROF OF LAW
 333-3884  Matthew W. Finkin M/C 594  PROF ; HARNO CLEARY CHAIR
 398-2116  Karla A. Fischer   ADJ PROF
 333-2373  Melissa A. Frydman M/C 594  CLIN PROF
   Stephanie A. Hall M/C 594  ADJ PROF
   Paul J. Heald M/C 594  PROF ; CORMAN PROF
 333-9857  Heidi M. Hurd M/C 594  PROF ; ROSS & HELEN WORKMAN CHAIR
 244-6661  Eric A. Johnson M/C 594  PROF
 265-4524  Faye Jones M/C 594  CLIN PROF
 333-2499  Richard L. Kaplan M/C 594  PROF ; G R JONES CHAIR
   Robin B. Kar M/C 594  PROF
 265-5274  Patrick J. Keenan M/C 594  PROF
 333-7887  Jay P. Kesan M/C 594  PROF ; H ROSS&HELEN WORKMAN RES SCHOL
 333-1419  Ellen R. Kordik M/C 594  LECTURER
 244-6714  Robert M. Lawless M/C 594  PROF ; MAX ROWE PROF
 333-1955  Andrew D. Leipold M/C 594  PROF ; ADAMS PROF
 244-4092  Michael H. Leroy M/C 504  PROF
 333-1950  Anna-Maria Marshall M/C 454  ASSOC PROF
 244-7582  Jason Mazzone M/C 594  PROF ; ALBERT E JENNER PROF
   Renee L. Monfort M/C 594  ADJ PROF
 333-0930  Michael Moore M/C 594  PROF ; CHARLES R WALGREEN, JR ENDOWED
 333-1046  Shannon M. Moritz M/C 594  ADJ ASST PROF
 244-0675  Colleen Murphy M/C 594  PROF
 333-0712  Jennifer N. Pahre M/C 594  LECTURER
   Mark C. Palmer M/C 594  ADJ PROF
 333-0930  Janice F. Pea M/C 594  LECTURER
 333-2870  Elisabeth R. Pollock M/C 254  ADJ PROF
 333-7998  Colleen C. Ramais M/C 594  ADJ PROF
 333-2178  Leslie J. Reagan M/C 466  PROF OF LAW
 (999) 999-9999  Julia R. Rietz M/C 594  ADJ PROF
   Jennifer K. Robbennolt M/C 594  PROF ; CAMPBELL PROF
 333-0356  Jacqueline E. Ross M/C 594  PROF ; PRENTICE MARSHALL PROF OF LAW
 244-7890  Richard J. Ross M/C 594  PROF ; DAVID C BAUM MEMORIAL PROF
   Kristen A. Rowell M/C 594  PROF
   Kari Sanderson M/C 594  TEACHING ASST PROF
   Bridget L. Schott M/C 594  ADJ PROF
 244-8953  Aylon Schulte M/C 594  LECTURER
   Jamelle C. Sharpe M/C 594  PROF
   Nicola F. Sharpe M/C 594  PROF
 300-5462  Heather J. Simmons M/C 594  TEACHING ASST PROF
   Eric S. Sirota M/C 594  VST RES ASSOC
   Deepak Somaya M/C 706  ASSOC PROF OF LAW
   Miranda L. Soucie M/C 594  ADJ PROF
   Catherine E. Stahl M/C 564  TEACHING ASST PROF
   Victoria Stodden M/C 493  ASSOC PROF OF LAW
 217-3336  Rebecca M. Szajna M/C 594  LECTURER
 333-2877  Charles J. Tabb M/C 594  PROF ; M VAN VOORHIS JONES CHAIR
   Suja A. Thomas M/C 594  PROF ; PEER & SARAH PEDERSEN PROF
 244-9494  Stacey L. Tutt M/C 594  CLIN PROF
   Tammi D. Walker M/C 594  VST ASST PROF
   Ashley M. Weis M/C 594  VST LAW ASSOC
   Lesley M. Wexler M/C 594  PROF
 244-1227  Robin F. Wilson M/C 594  PROF
   Verity Winship M/C 594  PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Tara Adams M/C 594  ASST DIR ALUM PROG
   Vikram D. Amar M/C 594  DEAN
 244-0689  Heather K. Ball M/C 594  DIR OF EVENTS
 333-1202  Stacey L. Ballmes M/C 335  MANAGING EDITOR
 244-3597  Jolynn C. Caroline M/C 594  DIR CAR PLN & PROF DEV
 265-0004  Matthew J. Clegg M/C 594  ASST DIR CAREER PLNG
 244-6165  Randall K. Elkins M/C 594  ASST DEAN FOR FIN & HR
 265-0878  Margareth Etienne M/C 594  ASSOC DEAN INTL & GRAD STUD
 (312) 575-7923  Bradley T. Foster M/C 594  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 333-2373  Melissa A. Frydman M/C 594  DIR OF CLIN EDUCATION ; DIR OF FAMILY ADV CLINIC
   Krista Gaedtke M/C 594  DIR OF COMMUNICATIONS
 244-9119  Julie A. Griffin M/C 594  ASSOC DIR OF FINC AID
 244-6661  Eric A. Johnson M/C 594  ASSOC DEAN FOR ACAD AFF
 265-4524  Faye Jones M/C 594  DIR OF LAW LIBRARY
 (312) 342-0129  Gregory J. Miarecki M/C 504  EXEC ASST DEAN
 333-1046  Shannon M. Moritz M/C 594  DIR OF LEGAL WRITING
 333-0712  Jennifer N. Pahre M/C 594  DIR UGRAD STUDIES
   Megan A. Pickens M/C 594  ASSOC DIR ACADEMIC ADMIN
   Alexander Piller M/C 594  DIR CAREER PLNG & PROF DEVLP
 300-5639  Rebecca D. Ray M/C 594  ASST DEAN OF ADM & FIN AID
 244-1476  Christine E. Renshaw M/C 594  ASSOC DIR GRAD & INTL STUDIES
 265-9882  Patrick G. Rietz M/C 594  DIR OF HUMAN RESOURCES
   Jennifer K. Robbennolt M/C 594  ASSOC DEAN FOR RESEARCH
 333-8010  Suzanne M. Rogers M/C 594  ASSOC DIR ADM & FIN AID
 244-0612  Ellen E. Rund M/C 594  COORD EXTERNSHIP
 244-8663  Kelly J. Salefski M/C 594  DIR OF ACAD ADMN & STDNT REC
 333-3239  Edward D. Slifer M/C 594  DIRECTOR OF DATA SERVICES
   Catherine E. Stahl M/C 564  DIR OF TRIAL ADVOCACY
 217-3336  Rebecca M. Szajna M/C 594  DIR EXTERNSHIPS
 244-0026  Michael O. Thomas M/C 252  DESIGN & DIGITAL MKTG SPEC
 244-0001  Carolyn Turner M/C 594  ASST DEAN STRAT INITI
 300-5749  William A. Turner M/C 594  ASST DEAN FOR ADVANCEMENT
 244-9494  Stacey L. Tutt M/C 594  DIR OF COMMUNITY PRES CLINIC
 333-1097  Virginia M. Vermillion-Hennessey M/C 594  ASST DEAN OF AC ADMIN & DEAN
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-5349  Sandra J. Alwes M/C 594  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 333-8951  Vileta R. Austin M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-1386  Quinita N. Balderson M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-0930  Carolyn A. Brown M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-9851  Sally J. Cook M/C 594  AIDE, ADMINISTRATIVE
 333-8135  Dinah E. Danielak M/C 594  ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATE
 217-3002  Kelly L. Downs   OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 244-2579  Jennifer M. Duffy   ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-9115  Amy M. Fitzgerald M/C 594  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 244-9304  Clydene K. Gabriel M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOC (LU)
 244-7912  Carla R. Gall M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-9119  Jacqueline M. Hadler M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-1477  Ronald K. Hausman M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 333-9846  Tina M. Lamb M/C 594  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 265-6522  Molly K. Lindsey M/C 594  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 333-9859  Cheryl L. Long M/C 594  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
 333-3459  Susan A. Maxwell M/C 594  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 333-0138  Carrie A. May-Borich M/C 594  SPECIAL EVENTS FACILITATOR
 333-3164  Rebecca R. Millikan M/C 594  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN III
 300-3699  Athena M. Newcomb   OFFICE MANAGER
 244-9988  Mary L. Parsons M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
 265-0219  Tiffany M. Pettigrew M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
   Julie A. Reifsteck M/C 594  ACCOUNT TECHNICIAN I
 244-1124  Jennifer M. Schiaretti M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-5999  Deanna R. Shumard M/C 594  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
   Sandra D. Sosa M/C 594  CLERK
 333-2961  Carleen S. Taylor M/C 594  OFFICE MANAGER
 217-3002  Shannon N. Taylor M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 333-9853  Jackie L. Walters M/C 594  OFFICE SUPPORT SPEC (LU)
   Timothy J. Widick M/C 594  ACCOUNTING CLERK

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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