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Department: 944  (Carle IL COM Administration)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 05/21/2017

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-1867  Rashid Bashir M/C 278  PROF, CI-COM
 244-6569  Kaustubh Bhalerao M/C 644  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 244-1459  Marni Boppart M/C 251  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 244-7479  Stephen A. Boppart M/C 251  PROF, CI-COM
 244-8726  Martin Burke M/C 712  PROF, CI-COM
 244-6793  Stephanie S. Ceman M/C 123  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 265-0674  Jie Chen M/C 123  PROF, CI-COM
 244-4339  Neal J. Cohen M/C 251  PROF, CI-COM
 244-3938  Wawrzyniec Dobrucki M/C 251  ASST PROF, CI-COM
 244-1512  Nora J. Few M/C 714  LECTURER, CI-COM
 383-3110  Robert M. Healy M/C 474  CLIN ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 333-9259  Iwona M. Jasiuk M/C 244  PROF, CI-COM
   T. Kesavadas M/C 238  PROF, CI-COM
 300-2424  King C. Li M/C 325  PROF
 244-2405  Susan A. Martinis M/C 712  PROF, CI-COM
 333-5300  Maureen McMichael M/C 004  PROF, CI-COM
 244-3090  Gay Y. Miller M/C 002  PROF, CI-COM
 300-0915  Daniel G. Morrow M/C 708  PROF, CI-COM
 333-9226  Michael L. Oelze   ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 333-3676  John D. Polk M/C 148  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 265-0309  Gene E. Robinson M/C 195  PROF, CI-COM
 383-4662  Blair M. Rowitz M/C 474  CLIN ASST PROF, CI-COM
 383-4662  Sally J. Salmons M/C 474  CLIN INSTR, CI-COM
 265-6450  Joanna L. Shisler M/C 110  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 244-1956  James M. Slauch M/C 110  PROF, CI-COM
   Andrew M. Smith M/C 278  ASST PROF, CI-COM
 244-5154  Brad Sutton M/C 251  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 244-2025  Margarita D. Teran-Garcia M/C 182  RES ASST PROF, CI-COM
 300-0939  Derek Wildman M/C 195  PROF, CI-COM
 244-9631  Brenda A. Wilson M/C 110  PROF, CI-COM
 265-6755  Kenneth Wilund M/C 052  ASSOC PROF, CI-COM
 383-4612  Brett M. Yockey M/C 474  CLIN INSTR, CI-COM
   Ruoqing Zhu M/C 374  ASST PROF, CI-COM
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-1867  Rashid Bashir M/C 278  INTERIM VICE DEAN
 244-8726  Martin Burke M/C 712  INTERIM ASSOC DEAN RESEARCH
 333-4885  Vicky L. Gress M/C 304  INT ASSOC DEAN FIN & ADMIN
 244-4255  Elizabeth A. Kacich M/C 317  DIR COMNC AND MARKETING
 300-2424  King C. Li M/C 325  CHIEF ACADEMIC OFFICER ; DEAN
 244-2405  Susan A. Martinis M/C 712  INT DIR, BIOMED SCI & ENGR
 333-2664  Karen D. McLaughlin M/C 710  DIR, HUMAN RESOURCES
 383-4662  Blair M. Rowitz M/C 474  INTERIM ASSOC DEAN
 244-1956  James M. Slauch M/C 110  INT ASSOC DEAN MED EDU FAC AFF
   Judith A. Yasunaga M/C 474  INT ASSOC DEAN STDNT AFF
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 300-4472  Tary M. Finefield M/C 325  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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