Notes, Enrollment by Range/Residency and IUs by Division Spreadsheets

Purpose & General Notes

These numbers have been used to determine each college's tuition earnings under the budget model since FY10.

IVCB Majors data include the average full-time equivalent (FTE) of Fall and Spring. FTE equals the count of full-time students plus 1/3 the count of part time students. IVCB Major FTE data are adjusted for some student populations (e.g., CITL, Coursera, Foreign Exchange, cross-college programs, etc.)

IVCB IU data are created early summer after Spring term ends. Terms included in a year for IVCB are Summer to Spring (e.g., 2018-2019 includes Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019). IVCB IU data exclude some program codes (e.g., Accountancy Post Baccalaureate (10KM0073NDEG and 1PKM0073NDEU); Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability – Online (10KV5313BSLU); CITL Non-degree (10LN1249NDEX); Engineering ZJU Non-degree (10KP0067NDEX); and Horticulture Non-degree Online (1PKL0063NDEU)).

Because the spreadsheets for 2004-05 through 2007-08 were created well after the terms ended, the numbers may not match exactly the enrollments published at the 10-day of the original term. We have discovered that certain status fields in the supposedly frozen Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) snapshots are updated after 10-day and so it is not possible to recreate the data exactly when running at a different time. In addition, corrections made to individual records (e.g. to fix an incorrect department or college) were not recreated, so the assignment of students to departments or colleges may be slightly different from published records created earlier.

Enrollment by Residency/Full Time and Part time status

Ten-day enrollment counts of undergraduates enrolled on campus were pulled from the EDW. Student credit hours were summed to determine whether each student was part time (under 12 hours, range II-IV for tuition) or full time (12 or over, Range I for tuition) on the 10th day.

Residency was determined based on which tuition was charged, not home address of the student. Residents were those with the following Student Residency codes:
  • R=Illinois resident
  • M=Non-Resident charged resident Tuition
  • H=international student charged resident tuition (e.g. child of an H1 visa holder who has lived in the state long enough to qualify for residency)
  • J=International student with Temporary Residence Permit
  • O=Unknown, if enrolled through Continuing Education, which has one rate for both in-state and out-of-state tuition
All others were counted as non-residents.

Correction for Cost-Recovery students

Students enrolled in the Accountancy Postbaccalaureate program are excluded from the college counts. In the department counts, they are not counted in the Department of Accountancy, but are listed separately. This means that the totals from the department summary will be greater than the campus total shown in the college summary.

Undergrad IUs by Course Level

The source for this report is the Course Information System maintained by Management Information.

Credit hours (IUs) for undergraduate students enrolled on the 10th day of class were totaled by the department and college paying the instructor. Global Campus and Guided Individual study classes were not included. Credit hours in classes offered for the second eight weeks of a term were counted at midterm (deadline for undergraduates to withdraw from semester without grade of W).

IUs were split into two groups based on course level (100-200 level courses and 300+ level courses). Any IUs generated by undergraduate students enrolled in graduate courses would be counted in the 300+ level group.

Credit hours are collected over an annual cycle that starts in the fall and is completed by August. Therefore, the summer IUs listed in this report are fixed and will not change. However, the Fall and Spring IUs for the current year are still somewhat in flux and may be moved from one department to another if the funding source of an instructor is changed. In addition, post-10th day enrollment in second eight-week courses for the current Spring may not be counted in preliminary versions of this report run before the second snapshot date.

Correction for Cost-Recovery students

IUs taken by students enrolled in the Accountancy Postbaccalaureate program are subtracted from the college summary for the College of Business regardless of where the IUs were actually taken. In the department counts, these IUs are not subtracted from the IUs listed for the Department of Accountancy, but are listed separately as negative numbers. For example, if such a student took 4 credit hours in English, the 4 hours would be counted in LAS and in the Department of English, but would be subtracted from the College of Business.

Exclusion of Online Programs

IUs taken by students in online-only, CITL-administered programs are excluded from the "oncampus" tab and counted in the "excluded" tab. (Before Spring 2017, this tab contained students in the former "extramural" term.) Note: 10KP0067NDEX is listed as "excluded," but these students are not currently counted in enrollment statistics.

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