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This page will be used for late-breaking information about changes/fixes/additions to the data in the Campus Profile. Any time a new message is posted here, we will update the "What's New" date on the Profile home page.

  • Profile updated for 22-23. Changes from last year can be viewed here.
  • Additional Items:

    1000-1994 FACULTY AND STAFF: In October 2018, the State Universities Civil Service System revised the criteria for administrative positions that can be exempted from the civil service system. Beginning in 2018, certain positions started being reclassified from administrative to civil service. This has contributed to increases in civil service employee counts, and decreases in academic professionals.

    Senior Survey: 5000-5048
    Items 5020/5030 Particiapted in Undergraduate Research, 5046 percentage participated in volunteer or community service and 5048 percentage developed ways to give back to the community were corrected at the college level to include second degree college. Data is from the Chancellors Senior Survey.

    Student Enrollment 4030-4031
    Item 4030 First Generation New Freshman. Item 4030 First Generation All Undergraduates.

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    Last updated: November 7, 2022

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