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November 2023


2720 Principal Investigators
Source: Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) file of principal investigators. Pre-Banner (2004 and before), only three PIs were listed for each grant, resulting in an undercount of the number of faculty involved. Post-Banner, all PIs are listed. Faculty members listed on more than one grant are counted for each grant. Grants are counted for the duration of the grant and the principal investigators are counted in their home department, not in the department sponsoring the grant application.

2740 % faculty headcount
The number of principal investigators as a percent of faculty headcount. May exceed 100% when faculty members submit multiple grants or when non-tenure system faculty submit grants.

2760 Grant & Contract Exp/Fac FTE
Expenditures in the fiscal year from grant & contract funds divided by the tenure-system faculty FTE on all funds. Because some faculty participate in grants that are attributed to a research center or institute, this may underestimate the actual grant and contract expenditures per faculty member. Equals line 2570 divided by line 1320. (Line 2570 is not displayed; it is the sum of all grants and contracts funds.)

2762 PI G&C exp/fac FTE
Expenditures in the fiscal year from grant & contract funds by the principal investigator home department divided by the tenure-system faculty FTE on all funds. Equals line 2685 divided by line 1320.


Data are provided by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA)

2770 Sponsored Research ($000)
Expenditures from sponsored research project funds (grants and contracts) plus overheads deducted from these funds. Includes amounts subtracted from these funds to pay subcontractors. Awards not coded as research are excluded (e.g., public service). For colleges, these numbers will be very close to the sum of 2570 and 2690; however, the Campus Total will include sponsored research projects for the University Administration and Chicago departments located in Urbana.

2771 Sponsored Other ($000)
Expenditures from non-research sponsored project funds (e.g., public service). Awards coded as research are excluded.

2772 Sponsrd Rsrch $000/Fac FTE
Sponsored research project funds divided by Faculty Full-time-equivalents. Equals Line 2770 divided by Line 1320.

Office of Technology Management (OTM) annual reports. Data are provided by college with a summary by campus. For projects that span multiple college, OTM counts each project in each college. We have removed these duplicates from the campus totals. All numbers are reported on a fiscal year basis (July-June).

2782 Disclosures
The number of disclosures reported. A disclosure is the initial step where OTM identifies a product, process, or invention created on this campus with potential for commerical viability.

2784 Patents filed
The number of patent applications completed and filed during the fiscal year with the assistance of OTM.

2786 Patents issued
The number of patents issued by the US Patent Office during the fiscal year.

2788 Licenses and options
According to the OTM annual report, "The University licenses its technologies to companies that demonstrate the capability to develop the technology into commercial products or services and the willingness to share the downstream benefit of commercial use of the technology with the University (e.g. through equity, royalties from sales, etc)." This item shows the number of licenses issued or options to license issued during the fiscal year.

2790 Startups
The number of startup companies signing new license agreements during the fiscal year for technology developed at the Urbana campus.

2792 Royalty revenues-$millions
Revenues to the Urbana campus from royalties.

2794 Companies in Research Park
(Source: Laura Appenzeller Frerichs, Director of Research Park) The number of companies renting space in the Research Park. Includes UI units. Starting in FY10, numbers include affiliates at EnterpriseWorks and also count sublease tenants separately. Includes I-Hotel. FY11 numbers taken from Summer 2011 data provided by Director of Research Park (FY10 data was based on Q4 numbers in BOT report).

2796 Employees in Research Park
Number of employees working at companies or UI offices in the Research Park. Includes student workers, employees at I-Hotel, employees in startups in EnterpriseWorks, and sublease tenant employees.

2798 # corps w/ active contracts
(Source: OBFS via Office of Public Engagement) The number of companies that have contracts with the University.

2799 # active contracts w/ corps
(Source: OBFS via Office of Public Engagement) The number of contracts companies have with the University (some companies have multiple contracts, which is why both this metric and 2798 are necessary).

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