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November 2023

3000-3100 IBHE COSTS
Source: The annual Discipline Cost Study submitted by the university to the Illinois Board of Higher Education. These data are typically not available until January or February after the close of the academic year August 15, so these numbers will always lag a year when the profile is published in November. We will update the data as soon as they are available.

Based on the activities reported by departments, payments made to employees, and instructor course assignments, the Cost Study calculates the direct salary dollars spent by each department on instruction, research, and public service. Instructional costs are subdivided into costs by student level, and the cost per IU at each level is calculated. Overhead costs at the department, school, college, and campus are calculated and added to the instruction, research, and public service direct salary costs by a formula.

Lines 3000-3100 show the cost per IU by student level. The costs shown include the department state dollars spent on instruction and the department's share of the college and school overheads; campus overheads are not included. The dollar value of teaching subsidies (when a faculty member teaches a course for another department) is included with the costs of the department which received credit for the IUs. Dollars are not adjusted for inflation. The IUs included are all IUs in courses offered by the department, including all extramural and correspondence IUs, regardless of whether the teaching was on-load or off-load. Non-state-funded IUs are excluded. Costs per IU may fluctuate significantly when a department has very few students in a given class (lower division, upper division, grad I, or grad II) because the costs depend on the mix of courses taken by the students. For example, grad II students from another department may enroll in a 100-level course.

3020 Cost/IUs: All courses taught in department
The state dollars per IU to teach all students taking classes in the unit. Line 3119/Line 3114.

3040 Lower Div students (fr-soph)
The state dollars per IU to teach freshmen, sophomores, and non-degree students taking classes in the unit. Line 3115/Line 3110.

3060 Upper Div students (jun-sen)
The state dollars per IU to teach juniors, seniors, and second-degree students taking classes in the unit. Line 3116/Line 3111.

3080 Grad I students (& professional)
The state dollars per IU to teach all graduate I (master's level) and professional students taking classes in the unit. Includes graduate non-degree students. Line 3117/Line 3112.

3100 Grad II students
The state dollars per IU to teach all graduate II students (doctoral level) taking classes in the unit. Line 3118/Line 3113.

3110-3119: The following items are used in the calculation of lines 3020, 3040, 3060, 3080, 3100. These items are extracted from the Cost Study prepared by the Office of Planning & Budgeting.
3110 - sum of instructional units for freshman, sophomores and non-degree students
3111 - sum of instructional units for juniors, seniors and second degree students
3112 - sum of instructional units for Grad I and professional students
3113 - sum of instructional units for Grad II students
3114 - Total Cost Study Instructional Units
3115 - Freshman/soph cost
3116 - Junior/senior cost
3117 - Grad I & prof cost
3118 - Grad II cost
3119 - Total Cost Study cost


Source: Activities reported for tenure-system faculty submitted by appointing departments.

3210 Annualized Faculty State FTE
An annualized FTE is one 11-month, 100% appointment. Appointments which are shorter (e.g. 9-month)or for less than 100% time are reduced proportionately. Prior to 1997-98, a 9-month faculty appointment was equal to 9/11 annualized FTE. From 1997-98 on, a 9-month faculty appointment is counted as 9/12 annualized FTE.

3220,3280 % Instruction
Percent of annualized faculty state FTE in contact with students in courses taught on and off campus, coordination and supervision of courses, preparation for teaching, acquiring and preparing instructional media, grading papers, academic advising, and course and curriculum development.

3230,3290 % Thesis Supervision
Percent of annualized faculty state FTE devoted to thesis supervision.

3240,3300 % Departmental Research
Percent of faculty state FTE in all research and scholarly development which is undertaken in general support of the instructional function of the institution and is NOT performed for specific sponsored research agreement(s). Scholarly development includes personal investigation into the professional literature, writing of manuscripts for publication and attendance and presentation of papers at scientific meetings and other such efforts related to the development and maintenance of the scholarly competence of a faculty member

3250,3310 % Organized Research
Includes all state-funded research and development activities that are performed for specific research project(s). This may include the percent of a faculty member's time spent on research projects as part of cost-sharing agreements with a granting agency. Also includes time spent preparing proposals.

3260,3320 % Extension/Public Service
Includes all Cooperative Extension activities, activities of University and campus offices of Continuing Education and Public Services, and other continuing education and public services activities of colleges and departments.

3270,3330 % Other
All other activities reported. Includes auxiliary activities such as housing or stores, fund raising, alumni activities, public relations, community relations, general administrative activities, committee assignments, provision of technical services such as statistical consulting, and library services, and administrative and sabbatical leaves for which the individual is paid. It does not include disability leave, vacation, or sick leave.


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