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November 2023

Source: Instructor-course evaluation system (ICES) files maintained by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL)

9520 % of sections using ICES
The number of class sections offered by this unit for which instructor-course evaluation forms were submitted with at least 5 responses divided by the number of class sections offered by the unit. The numerator does not include Independent study sections, as well as many study abroad sections, internship sections, and seminar sections. The denominator does not include individual instruction sections. Occasionally the percent may exceed 100% when multiple instructors for one course request evaluations or when the department is incorrectly identified on the instructor's ICES request form. For example, if a course is crosslisted, the instructor may identify it as being offered by one department when it was recorded as being offered by another.

Important Notes: Starting in 2020-2021 ICES data is entirely from the online system. For academic years 2007-08 to 2019-2020: Online ICES questionnaires were not included in the information provided by CITL, and therefore were not included in Campus Profile data.

9560-9760 Faculty and TA ratings
Students are asked to "Rate the instructor" on a 5-point scale, excellent to poor. The average score (1-5) is computed for each section. The average section scores are divided into groups (top 10%, next 20%, etc.) and the percent of this unit's sections in each group is shown. The instructors self- identify themselves as faculty or TAs. This means that "faculty" includes tenure-system and non-tenure system faculty. The ICES data is for each academic year, including winter and summer sessions.

9770-9860 Percent of sections ranked 4 or 5
The percentage reported is the average proportion of students in a course assigning an ICES rating of 4 or 5 to the instructor. The percent of 4s and 5s received in each course is averaged across the entire unit. (This is a course-level statistic).

9900-9905 Extension

9900 - Total number (000's) of adult and youth face-to-face Extension teaching contacts as reported by UI Extension.

9905 - Total number of adult and youth volunteers involved in Extension programs and planning as reported by UI Extension.

Source: Extension Program Planning


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