Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the information is wrong for my department?

E-mail us at or call us at (217) 333-3551

When are updates made?

DMI staff manually maintains the Deans Directors and Department Heads List. We change any of the information when it becomes available to us.

Every Monday, the staff pages for each department are refreshed from the weekly payroll files.

Which employees are included in the staff directory?

All of the academic and civil service employees, even those with a zero percent appointment are included.

What units are included?

All units with a physical presence on the Urbana campus. This includes some university-level offices and the UIC branches of Medicine and Nursing.

How can I change my unit name?

Administrative unit names can generally be initiated by a letter to the provost from the dean or vice chancellor reponsible for the unit; changes to academic units must be approved by the Provost, Senate, Board of Trustrees, and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

What happens when a dept code is deleted?

When a department is phased out its department code is deleted. A department may merge with another department making one of the department codes unneccessary.

Why does a unit not have a executive officer?

Some units are created for budgetary or placeholder reasons. Thus, certain units will not have an executive officer. Every unit with appointments should have an executive officer.

What is a unit code?

Unit code is a combination of Legacy (pre-Banner) codes and consists of three parts: Campus code + College code + Dept. code = Unit code For example, 10290 is the Division of Management Information (DMI).
1 = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus (0 = Administation, 2 = Medical campus) 02 = College Code 90 = Department Code Another example, 11701 is Commerce and Business Administation (CBA).
1 = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus 17 = College Code 01 = Department Code Units that did not exist prior to Banner may not have this code.

What is a "Banner Org Code"?

The organization code in Banner consists of codes for 5 parts:

How can I get a copy of this data on my computer?

Download the Excel file from here.

If I need to create mailing labels, how can I eliminate duplicate labels?

The column "Duplicate" contains different values. The value "N" means duplicate address.