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Department: 227  (Engineering Administration)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 09/19/2021

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Business Manager
 333-2151  Michael J. Devocelle
 333-0859  Tessa M. Hile
EEO Officer
 333-4388  James W. Phillips

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-0944  Richard A. Cooke M/C 644  PROF OF AGR ENGR
   Ryan P. Flanagan M/C 718  LECTURER - ZJUI DISLOCATION
 300-4286  Mary L. Hays M/C 718  SR LECTURER - ZJUI DISLOCATION
 333-2280  Michael C. Hirschi M/C 266  PROF EMERITUS
   Marilyn M. Holguin M/C 718  SR LECTURER - ZJUI DISLOCATION
 333-0945  Prasanta K. Kalita M/C 644  PROF IN AG ENGR
 265-0697  Kent D. Rausch M/C 644  ASSOC PROF OF AGR ENGR
 333-9510  Vijay Singh M/C 644  PROF IN AG ENGR
 333-7534  Lei Tian M/C 644  ASSOC PROF OF AGR ENGR
 333-2693  Yuanhui Zhang M/C 644  PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-2015  Irfan S. Ahmad M/C 249  EXEC DIR, INTERDISC INIT
   Alyssa M. Aiello   ASSOC WEB DESIGNER
 265-0427  Imad L. Al-Qadi M/C 250  DIR, SMART TRANS INFRA INIT
 333-2150  Rashid Bashir M/C 266  DEAN
 244-8457  Alyson F. Bell M/C 269  ASST DIR STWRDSHP & DONOR REL
 333-0293  Jennifer T. Bernhard M/C 702  DIR, ENGR FAC LEAD FORUM
 244-4081  Paula M. Besson M/C 272  EXEC DIR OF ADVCMT
 244-2805  Meredith Blumthal   DIR OF INTAL PRGMS IN ENGR
 244-3844  Daniel J. Bodony M/C 236  ASSOC DEAN, GRAD PRFN ONL PRGM
 244-0054  Erika S. Brewer M/C 3308  ACAD ADVR & COORD ZJUI PRGM
   Victor G. Cervantes M/C 272  ASST DIR RECRUIT & RETENTION
 244-1420  George Chacko M/C 258  EXEC DIR OF RES DATA ANALYTICS
   Timothy A. Cochrane M/C 236  DIR OF ADVCMT
   Heather C. Coit M/C 266  MEDIA COMNC SPEC
   Brenna W. Conway M/C 272  DIR, ENGR CITY SCHOLARS
   Kristen L. Costello M/C 272  ASSOC DIR OF ADVCMT COMNC
 265-6291  Brian T. Cunningham M/C 249  DIR, ONC-PM
 333-8416  John M. Dallesasse M/C 249  ACT ASSOC DEAN FACILT/CAP PLNG
 300-6963  Ulyssia E. Dennis M/C 270  ASSOC DIR, ENGR CAREER SERV
 333-2151  Michael J. Devocelle M/C 266  ASSOC DEAN FOR FIN & ADMIN
   Hannah L. Dougherty   ACAD ADVR & COORD INATL PRGM
 244-3816  Ivanhoe Favila M/C 272  ASST DN&DIR, MORRILL ENG PROG
 217-3003  Gretchen M. Forman M/C 266  ASST DIR, GFX
 265-4045  Amy L. Fruehling M/C 270  DIR, ENGR CAREER SERV
   Caroline S. Gaffrig M/C 272  ASST DIR, ADVCMT
 244-7648  Philippe H. Geubelle M/C 236  EXEC ASSOC DEAN
 244-0799  Lynford L. Goddard M/C 249  DIR, IDEA INST
 300-8484  Diana K. Gonzalez M/C 706  ASSOC DIR, GRAD STDNT SUCCESS
 300-7830  Steven A. Hall M/C 258  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
 244-2350  Laura L. Hayden M/C 266  WEB SERV MGR
 300-6952  Lara C. Hebert M/C 439  OUTREACH COORD
 333-0859  Tessa M. Hile M/C 266  ASST DEAN FOR FIN & ADMN
 265-6567  Jonathan A. Hill M/C 279  DIR OF ADVANCEMENT
   Miranda W. Holloway   MEDIA COMNC SPEC
 333-6634  Frank M. Hoskinson Jr M/C 268  EXEC DIR ONLINE PRGMS & INTVES
 244-3634  Emad W. Jassim M/C 272  ASST DEAN
 333-6634  Kenneth E. Jenkins M/C 268  CREATIVE SPEC, BROADCASTING
 244-0756  Jianming Jin M/C 702  ASST DEAN FOR ZJUI ENGAGMT
 265-5468  Harley T. Johnson M/C 244  ASSOC DEAN FOR RES
 300-8413  Kortney K. Jones   ASST DIR FOR NEW STDNT PRGMS
 244-4255  Elizabeth A. Kacich M/C 266  ASST DEAN FOR MKTG & COMNC
   T. Kesavadas M/C 238  DIR, HLTH CARE ENGR SYST CTR
 300-3265  Bryan W. Kieft M/C 268  ONLINE PRGM SPEC
 265-9437  Harrison H. Kim M/C 238  CO-DIR, HOEFT TECHNOL & MGMT
 300-0178  Qu Kim   DIR OF FACILTS
 244-3864  William P. King M/C 244  CO-DIR, IL ADVC MFR INST
 300-8542  Melissa Kisubika   ACAD ADVR & COORD EDUC DATA
 333-2242  John Lambros M/C 236  DIR, AMTEL
 244-2297  Rachel P. Langdon M/C 272  DIR, DONOR REL & STWRDSHP
 244-3817  Susan M. Larson M/C 272  ASST DEAN
   John J. Mahlmeister M/C 270  COORD, ENGR CAREER SERV
 333-2280  Jonathan J. Makela M/C 272  ASSOC DEAN OF UGRAD PRGMS
 244-9995  Natasha Johanna Mamaril   ASSOC DIR, UGRAD RES
 333-4861  Jay A. Mann M/C 272  DIR, AE3
 300-2378  Amy J. McCullough M/C 268  SR COORD FOR M.ENG. PRGMS
 244-3847  Chris Migotsky M/C 272  AC ADV & CRD OF FAC TCH PRGMS
 300-2493  Casey L. Moore M/C 272  ACAD ADVS/COORD TRANSFER PRGM
   Haruka Neiswender M/C 272  ASST DIR, STWRDSHP & DONOR REL
 300-5660  Brooke S. Newell   ACAD ADVR & CURR COORD
 244-1925  David M. Nicol M/C 228  DIR, SINGAPORE ADSC
 333-1546  Keri M. Niehans M/C 272  AC ADV & ASST DIR TRANSFER PRG
 300-1585  Melissa Ong M/C 266  ASST DIR OF CORP REL
 333-9858  Yanfeng Ouyang M/C 250  DIR OF CRRC
   Laurel Passantino M/C 266  ASST DEAN FOR RES
 244-7759  Joshua J. Potts M/C 256  SOFTWARE ENGR
 265-5536  Umberto Ravaioli M/C 702  DIR, ACAD PRGMS FOR UIUC-ZJU
   Ethan M. Scott M/C 272  ASSOC DIR OF ADVCMT
 300-7141  Kimberly Sgarbossa M/C 268  ACADEMIC ADVISOR
 244-9263  Andrew C. Singer M/C 228  ASSOC DEAN FOR INNOV & ENTREPR
 333-2636  Petros Sofronis M/C 244  DIR, I2CNER AT ILLINOIS
 265-0643  Lauren E. Stites M/C 270  ASSOC DIR, ENGR CAREER SERV
 300-4671  Kent L. Studer M/C 272  DIR OF CORP REL
   Donald Takehara M/C 266  DIR FOR RES
 244-2678  Dana M. Tempel M/C 274  ASST DIR, CARE
 300-6289  Daniel J. Turner M/C 272  ASST DEAN
 244-4440  James S. Vattano M/C 266  ASST DIR OF VISUAL COMNC
 333-2517  Heather F. Vazquez M/C 702  SR DIR OF ADVCMT
 333-2280  Lori West M/C 266  AC ADV & COORD INTL STUD PGMS
   Ross Williams M/C 269  ASSOC DIR OF ADVCMT
 333-3837  Lori R. Willoughby M/C 266  EXEC DIR OF ENGR HR
   Kendra J. Wolf M/C 244  ASSOC DIR ADVCMT
 300-8109  Brian S. Woodard M/C 236  ASST DEAN
   Ashleigh R. Wright M/C 266  ASSOC DIR OF INST FOR IDEA
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Olivia G. Arnold M/C 266  OFFICE SUPPORT SPEC (LU)
 244-7182  Belinda L. Barnhart M/C 270  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 265-5102  James W. Bell M/C 266  EXEC EDITOR
 244-0443  Kimberly J. Bone M/C 270  OFFICE MGR (LU)
 333-9630  Keri J. Carter Pipkins M/C 268  DIR, PRFNL EDUC & WRKFRC DEVLP
 300-7319  Leslie V. Cavanaugh   ADMISSIONS & RECORDS REP
 244-5594  Edward T. Chainani M/C 266  ASST DIR FOR SAFETY
 244-4217  Rachel E. Chartoff   MKTG & DATA MGMT COORD
   Jose F. Corral M/C 266  SAFETY ENGR
   Elizabeth P. Dawson M/C 266  PROJ MGR
 300-7345  Candy L. Deaville M/C 266  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-0188  Christopher T. Evans M/C 272  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 333-8133  David E. Farrow M/C 236  ENGR TCH LAB COORD
 244-4421  Erica H. Finiak M/C 269  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 333-7057  Katherine L. Freeman M/C 266  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 244-1552  Jana D. Gadbury M/C 270  ASST DIR INATL PRGMS IN ENGR
 300-6745  Christy L. Gosser-Stiner M/C 266  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-7151  Suzanne M. Hallihan M/C 704  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-1474  Chelsea L. Hamilton   ASSOC DIR OF COMNC
 300-4412  Jamie L. Hannah M/C 272  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS REP
 300-7386  Kristie L. Harris M/C 266  OFFICE MANAGER
   Carolyn D. Hughes M/C 266  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-3358  Kimberlyn V. Jackson M/C 563  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
   Dallas C. Johnson M/C 258  SR COORD, ENGR CAREER SERV
 300-3835  Elizabeth M. Johnson M/C 266  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-8294  Marie-Pierre O. Lassiva-Moulin M/C 228  UGRAD PRGMS SPEC
 333-7774  Heidi-Marie J. Leerkamp M/C 228  ASST DIR FOR RES DEVLP
 300-2669  Daniel J. Maier M/C 266  FACILITY OPERATIONS COOR
 300-2281  Kristina R. Miller   SCHOLARSHIP COORD
 265-5885  Linda S. Morris M/C 266  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 265-8430  Joshua Nielsen M/C 266  DIR OF MKTG
 300-0664  Robert W. Porter M/C 266  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS OFFICER
 300-6324  Cynthia E. Pruitt M/C 266  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
   Leonel Ramirez M/C 874  ASSOC WEB APP DEVLPR
 300-1479  Kimberly C. Redeker M/C 269  COORD OF STWRDSHP & DONOR REL
   Cassie Reeser M/C 270  EVENTS COORD
 300-3278  Carleen Ann T N. Sacris M/C 272  CMPTR-BASED TSTG FACILT COORD
 300-0235  Jennifer L. Sans M/C 272  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Victoria M. Shimkus M/C 266  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-1686  Julie A. Smith M/C 266  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 244-8565  Ritchie D. Strom M/C 268  SR VIDEO COORD
 265-7605  Jonathan J. Trice M/C 269  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-2302  Christine A. Wisehart M/C 266  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 244-2037  Wendy L. Yahnke M/C 268  SR TSTG COORD

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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