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Department: 407  (Lemann Center)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 04/07/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 244-0285  Jill S. Billerman
 244-4719  Katrina R. Chester
 244-2053  Joshua A. Williams
Business Manager
 244-4719  Katrina R. Chester
 244-2053  Joshua A. Williams
Facilities Manager
 244-2053  Joshua A. Williams
Staff HR Contact
 244-0285  Jill S. Billerman
 244-4719  Katrina R. Chester
 244-2053  Joshua A. Williams

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 300-9235  Andrea Aguiar M/C 251  RES ASST PROF
 333-2704  Heitor Almeida M/C 520  PROF
 333-0127  Daniela Alonso Fontes M/C 707  CLIN ASST PROF
 300-7974  Otavio Amaral de Andrade Leao   ASST PROF
 333-3675  Flavia C. Andrade M/C 082  PROF
 333-0753  Mary P. Arends-Kuenning M/C 710  ASSOC PROF
   Gerlando Augusto Sampaio Franco de Lima M/C 706  TCH ASSOC PROF
 300-4329  Merle L. Bowen M/C 143  PROF
   Melissa A. Bowles M/C 176  PROF
   Marcelo Bucheli M/C 706  PROF
   Salvatore J. Callesano M/C 176  ASST PROF
   Olivia Campos Coiado M/C 325  TCH ASSOC PROF
   Isabella Cardoso Ferreira S Condott M/C 630  ASST PROF
   Xiomara V. Cervantes-Gomez M/C 176  ASST PROF
 333-6715  Wojciech Chodzko-Zajko M/C 322  PROF
 333-0944  Richard A. Cooke M/C 644  PROF
   William Cope M/C 708  PROF
 333-0127  Marcelo Cunha Medeiros M/C 707  PROF
 244-7226  Sandy Dall'Erba M/C 710  PROF
   Jerry Davila M/C 466  PROF
   Iura de Rezende Ferreira Sobrinho M/C 056  ASST PROF
 (312) 996-3130  Rodrigo Delgado M/C 591  ASST PROF
 244-3196  Elvira Demejia M/C 051  PROF
 300-0200  Karen Tabb Dina M/C 082  PROF
 265-5483  Francina Dominguez M/C 223  PROF
   Aline Elias Lamas M/C 052  INSTR
 333-3616  Christopher Fennell M/C 148  PROF
 333-7933  Jodi A. Flaws M/C 002  PROF
   Julia Fonseca Duarte M/C 706  ASST PROF
   Suzanne C. Franks M/C 168  TEACHING ASST PROF
   Raquel C. Goebel M/C 176  SR INSTR
 333-5131  Peter D. Goldsmith M/C 710  PROF
 333-2350  Alexandre A. Goncalves M/C 462  ASST PROF
 333-9069  Andrew J. Greenlee M/C 619  PROF
 ( ) 333-7781  Faye V. Harrison M/C 143  PROF
   Waïl S. Hassan   PROF
   Marc A. Hertzman M/C 466  ASSOC PROF
   Tania Ionin M/C 168  PROF
   John T. Karam M/C 176  PROF
 265-5274  Patrick J. Keenan M/C 594  PROF
   Eduardo Ledesma M/C 176  ASSOC PROF
   Lewis J. Lehe M/C 250  ASST PROF
   Jessica Li M/C 708  PROF
 244-2612  Angela C. Lyons M/C 710  ASSOC PROF
   Cecilia Marinho Tenorio M/C 052  TCH ASST PROF
   Olga M. Maslova M/C 072  ASSOC PROF
 333-7781  Erik S. McDuffie M/C 143  ASSOC PROF
 333-3890  Faranak Miraftab M/C 619  PROF
   Rafael Miranda Tassitano M/C 052  ASST PROF
 333-1780  Silvina A. Montrul M/C 176  PROF
   Eric L. Morgan M/C 710  ASSOC PROF
 244-3740  Stephen Nesbitt M/C 104  PROF
 333-2093  Don Ort M/C 195  PROF
   Reynaldo J. Pagura M/C 176  SR LECTURER
   Suzel Reily M/C 488  DIST VST SCHOLAR
   Pedro Rodrigues Curi Hallal M/C 052  PROF
 333-2694  Luis F. Rodriguez M/C 644  ASSOC PROF
 244-3874  Carla A. Santos M/C 584  PROF
 244-9595  Gary D. Schnitkey M/C 710  PROF
   Andi Schwingel M/C 586  ASSOC PROF
 300-6497  Emerson Sebastiao M/C 052  ASST PROF
   Ilan Shomorony M/C 702  ASST PROF
   Ryan K. Shosted M/C 176  PROF
 300-6633  Mariana T. Silva   TCH ASSOC PROF
   Michael B. Silvers M/C 056  ASSOC PROF
 (734) 604-5877  Gisela Sin M/C 481  ASSOC PROF
   Marin E. Skidmore M/C 710  ASST PROF
 333-5308  Douglas C. Smith M/C 082  PROF
   Antonio Sotomayor Carlo M/C 522  ASSOC PROF
 300-9446  Clarissa P. Souza M/C 002  ASST PROF
   Xiao Su M/C 712  ASST PROF
 265-8105  Carol L. Tilley M/C 493  ASSOC PROF
   Camila Urbano Braz M/C 630  ASST PROF
   Carlos V Inoue M/C 706  ASST PROF
 300-1782  Liliane Windsor M/C 082  PROF
 333-3881  Matt Winters M/C 713  PROF
   Mark E. Wolters M/C 706  TCH ASSOC PROF
 244-8968  David Wright M/C 718  PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-3675  Flavia C. Andrade M/C 082  ACT DIR
 333-3182  Elis Artz M/C 481  SR PRGM COORD - LEMANN INST
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Lucas Cavoli da Silva M/C 548  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
All addresses and phone numbers are taken from the EDW. Employees may correct any errors themselves by logging on to Nessie.

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