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DMI PN99022

Department: 483  (Agr, Consumer, & Env Sci Admn)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 04/14/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 333-2664  Joe Bohn
 333-2661  Jackie Lawson
 300-7190  Alayna L. Wendling
Assistant for the EO
 333-1429  Melinda K. DelRossi
Business Manager
 265-5012  Nichole M. Isaac
Facilities Manager
 244-9145  Douglas J. Wolters
Staff HR Contact
 333-2664  Joe Bohn
 333-2661  Jackie Lawson
 300-7190  Alayna L. Wendling
 265-9274  Zachera L. Wier

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-9475  German A. Bollero M/C 046  ROBERT A EASTER CHAIR
   Kaiyu Guan M/C 047  OFC OF RES FELLOW
 333-0725  Jen Hardesty M/C 180  OFC OF RES FELLOW
 244-1199  Brian G. Ogolsky M/C 180  OFC OF RES FELLOW
 ( ) 244-4498  Marta Y. Pepino de Gruev M/C 182  OFC OF RES FELLOW
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-0753  Mary P. Arends-Kuenning M/C 710  ACTING ASSOC DEAN, INATL PRGMS
 244-0247  Anna L. Ball M/C 710  ASSOC DEAN, ACAD PRGM
 333-7672  Jennifer A. Banda M/C 4000  VST TEACH & LRNG SPEC
 333-9355  Kimberly K. Bishop M/C 710  ASST DEAN FOR ADVCMT
 333-2664  Joe Bohn M/C 710  EXEC DIR, ACES HR
 333-9475  German A. Bollero M/C 046  DEAN
 244-9273  Natalie B. Bosecker M/C 709  DIR PROFESSIONAL SCI MASTER
 265-4138  Britt Carlson M/C 710  ASSOC DIR STEM PRGM
 244-1676  Stacey M. Cole M/C 710  DIR OF DEVLP
 244-5193  David L. Cross M/C 710  SR WEB DEVELOPER
 333-1429  Melinda K. DelRossi M/C 710  DIR OF STRATG, PLNG & IMPLMNT
 333-0981  Jean Drasgow M/C 632  DIR OF CAREER SERV
 333-3058  Montgomery W. Flack M/C 634  RES GRNHOUSE SPEC IN AGRI
   Ali Freter M/C 710  DIR OF STUDY ABROAD
   Luke Y. Freyfogle M/C 195  RES GREENHOUSE SPEC IN AGRI
 265-4045  Amy L. Fruehling M/C 710  SR DIR OF CORP REL
   Daniel A. Gaither M/C 710  DIR OF SAFETY
   Patrick J. Gavin M/C 710  DIR OF ADVCMT
 300-9424  Barbara J. Godlew M/C 710  RES DEVLP MGR
 333-9785  Brianna J. Gregg M/C 710  ASST DEAN OF ACAD AFF
 333-3380  Logan J. Honegger M/C 710  SR COORD ADVS STDNT SUCCESS
 333-0333  Angie Hopkey Barnard   EXEC DIR IL 4-H FNDTN/DIR DEV
 265-5012  Nichole M. Isaac M/C 710  ASST DEAN FOR BUS & ADMIN
 300-1753  Lauren E. Karplus M/C 170  ASST DIR OF INATL PRGMS
 333-8221  Jennifer E. Larson M/C 710  ASST DEAN OF MKTG COMNC
 333-2661  Jackie Lawson M/C 710  DIR, ACES HR, INTGR ADMIN SERV
 265-6812  Amanda R. Lombardo M/C 710  DIR OF STRATG RES PLNG
 300-2069  Rosalie M. Metallo   ASST DIR PLANT CARE FACILTS
   Kasey Murphy M/C 710  INSTRN DESIGNER
 244-5373  Leslie S. Myrick M/C 710  MEDIA COMNC SPEC
   Elizabeth G. Olson M/C 710  ASSOC DEAN, DEI
 (000) 000-0000  Roxanne Patino   COORD GLOBAL ENGAGMT &INCL EXC
 (773) 540-1990  Diana Rodriguez M/C 200  COORD, IL CTR URBAN AGRI EDUC
 244-7942  Amanda J. Shoemaker M/C 710  DIR OF ADVCMT OPER
 244-2655  Alex Sparks M/C 180  VST LRNG INNOVATION SPEC
 244-2313  Marianne F. Stein M/C 709  MEDIA COMNC SPEC
 244-6676  Nick Unser M/C 710  DIR FOR BDGT, FIN & RSRSC PLNG
   Emily J. Vaughn M/C 710  COORD OF UGRAD RECRUIT
 244-3796  Stephen M. Wald M/C 710  DIR OF EXTRNL COMNC & GOVT REL
 244-5170  Nicholas R. Wherley M/C 710  COORD OF AGRI OUTR AND RECRUIT
 244-1381  Alex E. Winter-Nelson M/C 710  ASSOC DEAN FOR INATL PRGMS ; INTERIM ASSOC DEAN, RES
 244-9145  Douglas J. Wolters M/C 710  SR DIR OF OPER
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-0941  Claire E. Benjamin M/C 712  DIR OF COMNC
   Mike Campbell M/C 710  ADMISSIONS & RECORDS REP
 244-3685  Amy L. Carr M/C 710  HR OPER PARTNER
 244-1684  Rob Chappell Jr M/C 710  OFFICE SUPPORT SPEC (LU)
   Meghan J. Clodfelter M/C 710  COORD OF ALUMNI ENGAGMT
 333-2728  Kendra E. Courson M/C 632  DIR OF SPEC EVENTS
 244-3980  Denise L. Dalton M/C 710  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 300-4195  Megan B. Davis M/C 710  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-3380  Kinzi Duncan M/C 710  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 244-4644  Kelly M. Easton M/C 710  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC
 244-4041  Leslie Ehler M/C 710  DIR OF MKTG
 244-6285  Grace A. Flavin M/C 710  HR OPERATIONS PARTNER
 217-3339  Tina Hillard M/C 710  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-1429  Kendra M. Kimpel M/C 710  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-1946  Chris Lugardo M/C 119  ASST DIR FOR RES ADMN
 300-3180  Courtney R. Lynch M/C 710  SR HR OPER PARTNER
 333-4254  Michael S. Maddock M/C 634  PHYSICAL SCI TECHNICAL ASST
 300-5935  Cherise N. Marks M/C 710  HR OPER PARTNER
 265-7659  Heather Mathis M/C 709  PROJ MGR
 300-8563  Brittney M. Maulding M/C 710  BUS & FIN COORD
 300-8612  Angela S. McDiarmid   BUS AND FIN COORD
 300-4854  Christy A. Murray M/C 710  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-8968  Paige P. Potter M/C 710  DIGITAL MKTG COORD
   Lauren D. Quinn M/C 710  ASST DIR FOR COMNC
   Taylor Roberts M/C 710  OFFICE MANAGER
 244-3694  Melinda M. Schaefer M/C 710  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 333-9295  Molly Vehlow-Scott M/C 710  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-7190  Alayna L. Wendling M/C 710  SR HR STRATG OPER ADVR & ANYS
 333-2350  Ed West Jr M/C 462  MKTG COORD
 265-9274  Zachera L. Wier M/C 710  SR ASSOC HR MGR

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
All addresses and phone numbers are taken from the EDW. Employees may correct any errors themselves by logging on to Nessie.

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