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Department: 583  (Statistics)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 04/14/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic Advisor
   Jennifer M. Anderson Bliss
 333-2167  Darren W. Glosemeyer
 300-8012  Aaron Smith
 333-2167  David Unger
Academic HR Contact
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
Assistant for the EO
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
Business Manager
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
 300-9620  Kathy L. Webb
End-user IT Support
 244-8524  Willie J. Mitchell Jr
Energy Contact
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
Facilities Manager
 244-3241  Kevin D. Armstrong
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks
 244-0312  Fatouma R. Hewitt
 300-9905  Aaron D. Thompson
Staff HR Contact
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 333-4596  Anil K. Bera M/C 707  PROF
 333-3881  Jake Bowers M/C 713  PROF
 333-2167  Lelys Bravo De Guenni M/C 374  CLIN ASSOC PROF
 244-6099  Robert J. Brunner M/C 706  PROF
   Sabyasachi Chatterjee M/C 374  ASST PROF
 244-3932  Yuguo Chen M/C 374  PROF
 333-2167  Alexandra Chronopoulou   CLIN ASSOC PROF
   Kit Clement M/C 374  TCH ASST PROF
 244-1390  Steven A. Culpepper M/C 374  PROF ; DATA SCI FNDR PRFNL SCHOLAR
   Gokce Dayanikli M/C 374  ASST PROF
   Julie M. Deeke M/C 374  TCH ASST PROF
   Partha S. Dey M/C 352  ASSOC PROF
 244-7302  Jeffrey A. Douglas M/C 374  PROF
   Daniel J. Eck M/C 374  ASST PROF
   Dirk Eddelbuettel M/C 374  ADJ CLIN PROF
   Tori Ellison M/C 374  TCH ASST PROF
   Wade A. Fagen-Ulmschneider M/C 258  TCH PROF
   Georgios Fellouris M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
   Kelly P. Findley M/C 374  TEACHING ASSOC PROF
 333-2167  Karle A. Flanagan   TCH ASSOC PROF
 333-2167  Darren W. Glosemeyer M/C 374  SR INSTR
 244-7275  Sheldon H. Jacobson M/C 258  PROF
   Weijia Jia M/C 374  CLIN ASST PROF
 333-4406  Farzad Kamalabadi M/C 228  PROF
 333-2167  Christopher L. Kinson   TEACHING ASSOC PROF
   Hyoeun Lee M/C 374  CLIN ASST PROF
   Bo Li M/C 374  PROF
   Feng Liang M/C 374  PROF
   Alexander E. Lipka M/C 046  ASSOC PROF
   Jingbo Liu M/C 374  ASST PROF
 (734) 680-0168  Pamela P. Martinez Vargas   ASST PROF
 898-1349  Olgica Milenkovic   PROF
 244-8366  Pierre Moulin M/C 228  PROF
   Trevor H. Park M/C 374  CLIN ASSOC PROF
   Frank Quan M/C 382  ASST PROF
   Vimal V. Rao M/C 374  TCH ASST PROF
 333-8810  Sandra L. Rodriguez Zas M/C 630  PROF
 244-7285  Xiaofeng Shao M/C 374  PROF ; DATA SCI FNDR PRFNL SCHOLAR
 265-6725  Douglas G. Simpson   PROF
 244-7750  Jun Song M/C 704  PROF
 244-6604  Renming Song M/C 382  PROF
 333-6246  Richard B. Sowers M/C 238  PROF
 333-2167  Alexey G. Stepanov M/C 374  SR LECTURER
 333-2167  David Unger M/C 374  SR INSTR
 333-0144  Venugopal V. Veeravalli M/C 228  PROF
 244-2694  Michelle Y. Wang M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
   Shulei Wang M/C 374  ASST PROF
   Yuexi Wang M/C 374  ASST PROF
   Tandy Warnow M/C 278  PROF
   Yun Yang M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
   Albert Yu M/C 374  CLIN ASST PROF
   Ruoqi Yu M/C 374  ASST PROF
 244-4943  Chengxiang Zhai M/C 258  PROF
 244-3695  Jinming Zhang M/C 708  PROF
   Susu Zhang M/C 716  ASST PROF
   Sihai D. Zhao M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
   Zhizhen Zhao M/C 702  ASSOC PROF
   Ruoqing Zhu M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Jennifer M. Anderson Bliss M/C 374  SR ACADEMIC ADVISOR
 244-3932  Yuguo Chen M/C 374  DIR OF APPL RES & CONSULTING
 244-7302  Jeffrey A. Douglas M/C 374  ASSOC CHAIR
 333-2167  Darren W. Glosemeyer M/C 374  DIR OF MASTER'S PRGM
 244-7285  Xiaofeng Shao M/C 374  DIR OF PHD PRGM
 265-6725  Douglas G. Simpson   DIR EXTERNAL & CORP REL
 300-8012  Aaron Smith   SR ACADEMIC ADVISOR
 333-2167  David Unger M/C 374  DIR OF UGRAD PRGM
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-2167  Melissa D. Banks M/C 374  ASST DIR FIN BUS OPS
 244-2260  Kearris M. Gavin M/C 374  OFFICE SUPPORT ASSOCIATE
 244-0312  Fatouma R. Hewitt M/C 374  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 353-0740  Asraa Ibrahim M/C 374  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 333-2167  Aaron T. Surratt M/C 374  CAREER SERV ADVR
 300-9905  Aaron D. Thompson   ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
 300-2577  Ronnie Turner Winston M/C 374  HR ASSOC
 300-9620  Kathy L. Webb M/C 374  ACTG OFCR (LU)

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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