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Department: 740  (IL State Water Survey)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 01/23/2022

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 244-2687  Jonathan C. Freiman
Assistant for the EO
 300-7448  David M. Perryn
Business Manager
 244-7802  Alan P. Dudley
 244-1845  Karen S. Hartman
End-user IT Support
 333-5101  Jeffrey H. Young
Staff HR Contact
 244-2687  Jonathan C. Freiman

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
 244-2188  Curtis C. Abert M/C 674  ASST SCI, GIS HYDROGRAPHY
 244-1520  Daniel Abrams M/C 674  ASSOC RES SCI, GW FLOW MODELER
 333-4966  Jennie R. Atkins M/C 674  ASSOC RES SCI, HYDROLOGY
 333-1840  Kimberly E. Attig M/C 674  ASST SCI, SEDIMENTARY CHEM
   Margarita F. Bargon M/C 674  ASST CHEMIST
 300-3471  K Erin H. Bauer M/C 674  RES PROJ COORD
 (309) 299-5680  John D. Beardsley M/C 674  RESEARCH FIELD SPEC
 244-3712  Thomas R. Bergerhouse M/C 674  CAL DATA & SITE SUP MGR
 244-8239  Kaitlin M. Buckley M/C 674  WATER RES OUTREACH SPEC
 244-0360  Gregory J. Byard   PROJECT ENGINEER
 244-3522  Brian S. Chaille M/C 674  ASST SCI, PROJ ENGR
 300-3483  Somendra Chakravorty M/C 674  GIS SPEC
   Dawn C. Cosentino M/C 674  ASST SCI, PROJ ENGR
   Cecilia Cullen M/C 103  SCI SPEC, HYDROGEOLOGY
 244-3464  Diana M. Davisson M/C 674  MAPPING PROGRAM ENGINEER
   Trenton W. Ford M/C 674  ASST SCI, CLIMATOLOGY
 300-0221  Michelle L. Fuller M/C 674  ASST SCI, RES ENGAGMT
 244-0869  Nina Gartman M/C 676  CO-INTERIM HEAL DIR ; ASST SCI, ANLYT CHEM LAB
 333-3767  Elias Getahun M/C 674  ASSOC RES SCI, HYDROLOGY
 265-9430  Lisa M. Graff M/C 674  GIS TEAM MGR MAPMOD
 300-1726  Tatyana V. Grandt M/C 674  ASST CHEMIST
 244-5437  Lee A. Green M/C 674  ASSOC SCI, ANLYT CHEM
   Daniel R. Hadley M/C 674  ASST SCI, HYDROGEOLOGY
   Elizabeth Hamilton M/C 674  VST SCI SPEC, WATERSHED SCI
 244-3372  Christopher R. Hanstad M/C 674  ASST SCI, LOMR PROJ ENGR
 244-8856  Glenn N. Heistand M/C 674  ASSOC RES SCI, WATER RSRC ENGR
 300-8779  Vlad Iordache M/C 674  SCI SPEC, WTR RSRSC APP DEVLP
 300-4516  Matthew R. Jefferson M/C 674  REMOTE SENSING DATA ANALYST
 300-7428  Addison Jobe M/C 674  HYDROLOGIC & HYDRAULIC ENGR
   Allan Jones M/C 562  SCI SPEC, HYDROGEOLOGY
 333-3468  Laura L. Keefer M/C 674  SECTION HEAD
 333-3729  Walton R. Kelly M/C 674  PRIN RES SCI, GEOCHEMISTRY
 244-3166  Michael P. Krasowski M/C 434  SCI SPEC, HYDROGEOLOGY
 333-7399  David A. Kristovich M/C 674  HEAD, CNTR FOR ATMOS SCIENCES
 244-6644  Marni L. Law M/C 674  GIS SPEC
 244-2419  Devin Mannix M/C 674  ASST SCI, HYDROGEOLOGY
 333-0237  Momcilo Markus M/C 674  PRIN RES SCI, HYDROLOGY
   Brad A. McVay M/C 674  GIS SPEC
 244-6627  Ryan P. Meekma M/C 674  SR GIS HYDROGRAPHER
 333-5691  Sarah C. Milton M/C 674  GIS SPEC
 244-7682  Kevin C. OBrien M/C 676  DIRECTOR, ISWS
   Samikshya Pantha M/C 652  SCI SPEC, GIS ANLYS
   Sabin Paudel M/C 674  SCIENTIFIC SPEC, H & H ENGR
 300-9752  Tyler J. Pierson M/C 674  VST SR SCI SPEC, HYDROLOGY
 333-9677  James W. Powell M/C 674  SR SCI SPEC, STAFF ENGR
 333-8466  Kevin L. Rennels M/C 674  ASST SCI, HYDROGEOLOGY
 300-3479  Mary J. Richardson M/C 674  ENGINEERING ASST
 333-7053  Debra N. Samson M/C 674  LABORATORY ASST
   Nikhil Sangwan M/C 674  SCI SPEC, HYDRO & HYDRA ENGR
 333-0447  William F. Saylor M/C 674  ASST SCI, WATER RSRSC
 244-8175  Lara Seek M/C 674  FIELD RESEARCH SPEC
 300-8423  Ashish Sharma   ASST RES SCI, CLIMATOLOGY
 300-3476  Kip E. Stevenson M/C 674  RESEARCH FIELD COORD
 300-7579  Hideyuki Terashima   OUTRCH DATA TECH SPEC
   Aaron B. Thomas M/C 674  PROJECT ENGINEER
 333-8506  Michael S. Timlin M/C 674  ASSOC SCI, REGIONAL CLIMATOLGY
   Erin R. Tuegel M/C 652  SR SCI SPEC, ANLYT CHEM
   Hayden A. Wennerdahl M/C 674  VST SCI SPEC, WATERSHED SCI
 333-9234  Monte R. Wilcoxon M/C 674  PUB SERV DATA & FIN COORD
   Meirah Williamson M/C 652  SCI SPEC, GIS ANLYS
 333-0956  Steven D. Wilson M/C 674  PRIN SCI, HYDROLOGY
 333-7193  Zoe A. Zaloudek M/C 674  SR SCI SPEC, GEOSP APP DEVLP
 300-0669  Atticus W. Zavelle   SR SCI SPEC, GIS HYDROLOGY
   Zhenxing Zhang M/C 674  ASSOC RES SCI, HYDROLOGY
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-2407  Stacey L. Coffman   PHYSICAL SCIENCE STAFF ASST
 244-7997  Eileen F. Deremiah M/C 674  ATMOSPHERIC WEB & APP SOFW DEV
   Kristina L. Freeman M/C 674  PHYSICAL SCIENCE TECH ASST
 300-6312  Catherine L. Hoffman M/C 674  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-7448  David M. Perryn M/C 461  ASST TO THE DIR

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
All addresses and phone numbers are taken from the EDW. Employees may correct any errors themselves by logging on to Nessie.

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