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Department: 944  (Carle IL COM Administration)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 04/14/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 300-5700  Karen D. McLaughlin
Assistant for the EO
 300-4472  Tary M. Finefield
Business Manager
 333-2916  Kara L. Johnson
   Jamie A. Ritter
Staff HR Contact
 300-5700  Karen D. McLaughlin

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
   Paul M. Arnold M/C 325  PROF
   Issam D. Moussa M/C 325  PROF
 622-6396  Chris Nelson   CLIN ASST PROF, TCH, CI MED
 ( ) 244-8116  Beth M. Stadtmueller M/C 712  ASST PROF
   Chitra Subramanian M/C 325  RES ASSOC PROF, DIR TORM LAB
 265-5581  Amy J. Wagoner Johnson M/C 244  PROF, CI MED
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
   Florence A. Adibu M/C 486  RES SCI
 244-8884  Joe A. Bradley   DIR ENGR EDUC & ENTRPRNRP
   Jessica H. Breitbarth M/C 325  ASSOC DEAN OF ADVCMT
 244-0659  Ron W. Brewer M/C 325  OMBUDSPERSON
 300-5700  Vasantha Chandrasekaran M/C 508  ENGR & INNOVATION SUPPORT SPEC
 333-0820  Jennifer L. Crum   DIR STDNT SUCCESS
 244-6928  Nicole S. del Castillo M/C 325  CHIEF DVSTY & INCLUSION OFCR
   Lydia L. Elliott M/C 325  DIR, FACULTY DEVELOPMENT
 244-1512  Nora J. Few M/C 325  DIR OF ADMISSIONS
 (999) 999-9999  Roberto Galvez M/C 716  DIR, GRAD STDY
   Rosalind Garcia-Tosi M/C 325  CHIEF OF STAFF
 333-7452  Dana L. Gillon M/C 325  DIR, DEPT OPER & FAC DEVLP
 300-7103  Lisa M. Goodpaster Lahners M/C 325  ADMINISTRATIVE INCREMENT ; DIR OF PROJ MGMT
 244-3820  Shandra H. Jamison M/C 278  SIMULATION CTR MGR
 244-7352  Tod A. Jebe M/C 325  DIR TECH INNOV
 333-2916  Kara L. Johnson M/C 325  ASSOC DEAN FOR FIN & ADMN
 333-5465  Janet A. Jokela M/C 474  SR ASSOC DEAN, ENGAGMT
 333-7586  Michael P. Martin M/C 714  ENGR & INNOV CURR SPEC
 300-5700  Karen D. McLaughlin M/C 325  EXEC DIR, HUMAN RESOURCES
 300-4915  Kelli A. McNamara M/C 002  RES TECHNOL MGR
 333-1025  Leslie K. McNeil M/C 325  ACAD SKILL SPEC
   George C. Mejicano M/C 325  ASSOC DEAN, ACAD AFF
 333-2528  Ruby Mendenhall M/C 454  ASSOC DEAN DIV DEMO HLTH INN
 622-6396  Chris Nelson   DIR OF CLIN SKILLS
   Anthony P. Nepomuceno M/C 228  VST XR DEVLP
 333-9226  Michael L. Oelze   INT ASSOC DEAN FOR RES & INNOV
 300-3885  Jessica R. Orban M/C 474  DIR, CURRICULAR OPS
 244-9602  Todd Patrick M/C 714  APP AND SYST ENGR
   Gregory M. Polites M/C 325  EXEC VICE DEAN
   Victoria E. Richards M/C 325  ASST DEAN, CURR
 300-7992  Dan Rodawig M/C 325  DIR, CORP REL
 383-4662  Blair M. Rowitz M/C 474  ASSOC DEAN, CLIN AFF
   Athena Ryals M/C 228  SIM OPER SPEC
 265-6741  Laura L. Shackelford M/C 148  DIR, FOUNDATIONAL SCI EDUC
 244-1956  James M. Slauch M/C 110  DIR, MD/PHD PRGM
   Rachel B. Spaide M/C 325  MGR, STDIZED PATIENT PRGMS
 244-2150  Kim Surles M/C 325  DIR OF DEPT OPER & FAC DEVLP
 300-7615  Mark Urosev M/C 325  ASSOC DEAN, STDNT AFF
   Deb Virant-Young M/C 325  ASSOC DEAN FAC AFF & DEVLP
 333-5220  Mae Vogel M/C 278  CURR CONTENT DEVLP
   John A. Vozenilek M/C 000  ADVR DEAN, SIM INTEGRATION
 300-7924  Rob Wallon M/C 325  DIR, ACADEMIC SUPPORT
 244-8478  Jessica L. Williams M/C 325  ASSOC DIR OF ADM
 300-2561  Heather Wright M/C 325  ASST DEAN, STDNT AFF
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 244-1384  Kyle A. Adams III M/C 657  ASSMT & EVAL DATA ANLYS
 265-5032  Sarah Y. Adams M/C 474  CLERKSHIP COORD
 244-7930  Scott E. Bartlett M/C 325  ASSOC DIR, STDNT SUCCESS
 333-8305  Heidi H. Bates M/C 325  SR HR SPEC
   Havah N. Berg M/C 325  PROJ COORD
   Stacey L. Buzicky M/C 325  MED EDUC PRGRM SPECIALIST
 300-4626  Amy L. Cain M/C 474  CLERKSHIP COORD
 333-3814  Sara D. Coffey M/C 563  OFFICE MANAGER
 333-7435  Charisse L. Coleman M/C 325  ASSOC DIR OF HR
 300-7615  Lynette Cravens M/C 325  OFFICE MANAGER
   Julie A. Cutright M/C 325  COORD CMTY PARTNERSHIPS
 300-3191  Vivian Dixon M/C 325  PRGM COORD
 300-4472  Tary M. Finefield M/C 325  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
 244-2739  Deborah M. Foster M/C 474  CLERKSHIP COORD
   Beth L. Hart M/C 325  MKTG & COMNC COORD
 300-3424  Robert E. Hasty M/C 278  SIMULATION SPEC
 300-7043  Yolanda D. Jackson M/C 474  CLERKSHIP COORD
 333-4266  Christi Johnson M/C 325  ACTG ASST(LU)
 265-8171  Libby Knight M/C 325  ASST DIR MKTG & COMNC
 244-2884  Tony R. Kutz M/C 325  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Heather R. Marrow M/C 325  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
   Stephanie A. McCullough M/C 228  OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR
 300-6658  Ryann B. Monahan M/C 325  DIR, MKTG & COMNC
 244-2466  Wil Myers M/C 325  SR HR SPEC
 244-2265  Jackie Newman M/C 325  ASSOC DIR, STDNT SUCCESS
 (309) 454-1400  Crystal B. Northern M/C 6176  CLERKSHIP COORD
 244-2644  Lori A. Osterbur M/C 474  CLERKSHIP COORD
   Angela L. Patrick M/C 325  ADMINISTRATIVE AIDE
   Christopher D. Pecenka M/C 325  MEDICAL EDU PROGRAM COORD
   Jamie A. Ritter M/C 706  DIR, BDGT & RSRSC PLNG
 333-3586  Amy L. Roberts M/C 325  SR BUS SPEC
   Sami Roch M/C 548  OFFICE MANAGER
   Samantha P. Rochnowski M/C 325  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-5341  Brian Schumacher   STDNT REC ASSOC
 300-0907  Lexi Shurilla M/C 325  SR ACAD AFF COORD
 244-8676  Dani Swigart M/C 325  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
   Katie J. Thomas M/C 325  CLIN COURSE COORD
 265-7605  Jonathan J. Trice M/C 269  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST
 300-2438  Autumn L. Wake M/C 325  OFFICE MANAGER
 333-4087  Kari J. Wallace M/C 325  ASST DIR STEWARDSHIP ALUM REL
   Whitney R. Widick M/C 325  OFFICE MANAGER
 300-1498  Taylor I. Young   OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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