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Department: 971  (Nutritional Sciences)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 04/14/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic Advisor
 333-4177  Jessica L. Hartke
Academic HR Contact
 333-4177  Jessica L. Hartke
Business Manager
 333-4177  Jessica L. Hartke
 333-4177  Lisa Raney
Staff HR Contact
 333-4177  Jessica L. Hartke

Complete staff directory:

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
A. Faculty and Other Academics
 300-9577  Jacob M. Allen M/C 052  ASST PROF
 300-7716  Jaime Amengual Terrasa M/C 182  ASST PROF
   Sayeepriyadarshini Anakk M/C 714  ASSOC PROF
 333-2461  Nicholas A. Burd M/C 052  ASSOC PROF
 333-2090  Isaac Cann M/C 630  PROF
   Maria Regina Cattai de Godoy M/C 630  ASSOC PROF
 244-6160  Hong Chen M/C 182  ASSOC PROF
 265-6291  Brian T. Cunningham M/C 249  PROF
   Paul C. Davidson M/C 644  ASSOC PROF
 300-7600  Matthew J. Dean   ASST PROF
 244-3196  Elvira Demejia M/C 051  PROF
 (312) 413-8747  Alan M. Diamond M/C 847  PROF
 333-3986  Anna C. Dilger M/C 010  PROF
 333-2006  Ryan N Dilger M/C 630  PROF
 333-2289  Sharon M. Donovan M/C 182  PROF
 244-6788  Nicki J. Engeseth M/C 182  PROF
 333-7933  Jodi A. Flaws M/C 002  PROF
 244-3165  Rex Gaskins M/C 195  PROF
 244-5414  William G. Helferich M/C 182  PROF
   Diego Hernandez Saavedra M/C 052  ASST PROF
 300-2512  Hannah D. Holscher   ASSOC PROF
 383-3110  Jennie C. Hsu-Lumetta M/C 474  CLIN ASSOC PROF
   Makoto Inoue M/C 002  ASSOC PROF
 333-7981  Yong-Su Jin M/C 195  PROF
 333-2118  Rodney W. Johnson   PROF
 333-1966  John A. Juvik M/C 051  PROF
 300-7654  Auinash Kalsotra M/C 714  ASSOC PROF
 300-2197  Naiman A. Khan M/C 052  ASSOC PROF
 333-5176  Madhu Khanna M/C 710  PROF
 333-0187  Halil Kilicoglu M/C 387  ASSOC PROF
 333-9362  CheMyong Ko M/C 002  PROF
 300-3512  Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo M/C 588  ASSOC PROF
 244-7873  Nu-Chu Liang M/C 716  ASSOC PROF
 265-0577  Janet M. Liechty M/C 082  PROF
   Brett R. Loman M/C 630  ASST PROF
 244-5957  Juan J. Loor M/C 630  PROF
 244-2526  Roderick I. Mackie M/C 630  PROF
 300-9063  Zeynep Madak-Erdogan   ASSOC PROF
 333-7578  Megan M. Mahoney M/C 002  ASSOC PROF
 300-9375  Sheena E. Martenies M/C 052  ASST PROF
 333-0971  Brent A. McBride M/C 081  PROF
 333-3769  Paul E. McNamara M/C 710  PROF
 244-4077  Wenyan Mei M/C 002  ASST PROF
 333-1830  Hope C. Michelson M/C 710  ASSOC PROF
 244-1973  Michael J. Miller M/C 640  PROF
 333-1267  Manabu T. Nakamura M/C 182  ASSOC PROF
 244-5477  Erik Nelson M/C 114  ASSOC PROF
 244-4498  Sharon M. Nickols M/C 182  PROF
 265-7562  Merin C. Oleschuk M/C 081  ASST PROF
 333-3466  Yuan-Xiang Pan M/C 182  PROF
 ( ) 244-4498  Marta Y. Pepino de Gruev M/C 182  ASSOC PROF
 300-6336  Minakshi Raj   ASST PROF
   Jason M. Ridlon M/C 630  ASSOC PROF
   Michael W. Robben M/C 630  ASST PROF
 333-8810  Sandra L. Rodriguez Zas M/C 630  PROF
 383-4662  Blair M. Rowitz M/C 474  CLIN ASST PROF
   Carl A. Sather M/C 474  CLIN ASST PROF
   Andrew M. Smith M/C 278  PROF
   Andrew J. Steelman M/C 630  ASSOC PROF
 333-0013  Hans Stein M/C 630  PROF
 333-4189  Kelly S. Swanson M/C 630  PROF ; KRAFT FOOD HUM NUTR ENDOW PROF
 244-2025  Margarita D. Teran-Garcia   RES ASST PROF
 (312) 355-5521  Lisa M. Tussing-Humphreys   ASSOC PROF
 300-8084  Bo Wang M/C 002  ASST PROF
   Shulei Wang M/C 374  ASST PROF
 244-8815  Jeffrey A. Woods M/C 586  PROF
   Ruoqing Zhu M/C 374  ASSOC PROF
B. Academic Professionals
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-4177  Jessica L. Hartke M/C 051  SR ASSOC DIR, DNS
 333-4189  Kelly S. Swanson M/C 630  DIR, DIV OF NUTRL SCI
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 333-4177  Lisa Raney M/C 051  OFFICE SUPPORT SPECIALIST

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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