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Department: 698  (University Payables)

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All phone numbers are in the 217 area code unless otherwise indicated.

Last updated: 06/16/2024

Staff contacts:

 Phone  Name
Academic HR Contact
 244-8247  Jami M. Painter
Business Manager
 300-3182  Darla J. Sigmon
Staff HR Contact
 333-6583  James C. Martinie
 244-8247  Jami M. Painter

Complete staff directory:

Includes only those staff members in this department with jobs located in Urbana.

 Phone  Name Address3 Titles held in this department
B. Academic Professionals
 333-6401  Susie Baker M/C 660  SR ASSOC DIR PAY SERV
 333-6583  James C. Martinie M/C 660  SR DIR UNIV PAY & PROC EFF
 333-9095  Melissa A. Plotner M/C 660  ASSOC DIR PAYMENT OPS
 300-8266  Amanda C. Schlieper M/C 660  ASST DIR UNIV PAYABLES
 244-3139  Darren J. Strater M/C 660  SR ASSOC DIR SUPPORT SERV
 265-9495  Brent E. Tiedemann M/C 339  ASST DIR UNIV PAY SUPRT SERV
 244-8750  Cathy Young M/C 660  SR COORD OUTR EDUC COMNC
C. Civil Service
 Phone  Name Address3  Titles held in this department
 332-5690  Marylyn Barber M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 300-3499  Debra Beebe M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 244-9634  Angela K. Bensyl M/C 660  SR COORD PAYMENT OPER
   Carrie Blackford M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Emily K. Cannon M/C 312  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC, CARD SERV
 244-5533  Diana L. Carter M/C 660  ACTG ASST(LU)
 265-0636  Don Cathorall M/C 660  BUSINESS DATA SPECIALIST
 300-7356  RoShema D. Dixon M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 244-7583  Abby Drewes M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC, PAYMENT OPS
 300-5645  Susan E. Forsyth   BUS/ADMINV ASSOC, PAYMENT OPS
 300-4307  Katie Galloway M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Ashley Gayheart M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC, SUPPORT SERV
 333-4531  Colleen Gorman M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC
 300-6894  Leah M. Hamilton M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 333-5229  Arden Q. Hatch M/C 352  ACCOUNTING OFFICER
 300-8170  Matthew T. Henning M/C 660  COORD OF PAYMENT SUPPORT SERV
 244-9987  Pamela R. Huffman M/C 660  SR SPEC PAYMENT OPER
 300-1774  Kellen A. Kleiva M/C 660  CUSTOMER SERV
 300-8421  Corissa D. Kopmann M/C 660  COORD PAYABLES SUPP SERV
   Vanessa J. Lopez M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC
 244-1492  Janis L. Mason M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 300-7366  Megan R. McCloud M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC, PAYMENT OPS
 333-9094  Rebecca J. McCoy M/C 660  ACTG OFCR (LU)
   Maggie McDonnell-Diley M/C 312  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 300-4449  Daniel T. Menzies M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 300-6101  Bob Nelson Jr M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCOCIATE
 333-0780  Tammy L. Robl M/C 660  ACTG SPEC (LU)
 244-8743  Stacey L. Rudolph M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Benjamin S. Ryckman M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Rachel M. Santarelli M/C 660  SR SPEC PAYMENT OPER
 300-5769  Brooke N. Smith M/C 660  COORD OF VENDOR SERV
 300-5984  Cheryl L. Smith M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
 333-2330  Kadi Smith M/C 707  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC
 300-1208  Sharika S. Smith M/C 660  CUST SERV COORD
 300-7614  Brittany L. Tammen M/C 660  BUSINESS/ADMINV ASSOCIATE
   Angelica J. Townsend M/C 660  BUS ADMN ASSOC
   Stefani P. Warsaw M/C 660  BUS/ADMINV ASSOC
 244-0149  Tammy M. Ziegler M/C 660  SR COORD PAYMENT OPER
   Christopher K. Zimmerman M/C 312  COORD, CARD SERV

This list includes all persons in employee group A, B, C or D with an appointment in this department that is either non-zero percent or is designated as tenure/tenure-track faculty.
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