UIUC On-Campus Student Enrollment by Curriculum and Student Level

Produced by the Division of Management Information
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All on-campus students enrolled on the 10th day of class are included. Source is the 10-day SRM created by the Office of Admissions & Records.

The Campus total is the first line, followed by detailed listings by college and curriculum.

Each student is listed in exactly one curriculum code. Curriculum codes are assigned to colleges and college-level summaries are listed. Graduate students are listed under the teaching college, not the Graduate College. Each curriculum also is mapped to two departments:

Degree-granting department: The unit responsible for checking degree requirements.
Advising department: The unit which provides the bulk of the coursework for the student.
Note: the department mappings are current mappings; if a curriculum has changed departments, the older versions of the reports may show the current departments, not the departments in effect at the time.

Pre-professional curricula in LAS were combined.

The total enrollment for each curriculum is given followed by these breakdowns, based on the student class recorded in student records:

Freshmen: Students in degree programs who have completed 0-29 credit hours.
Sophomores: Students in degree programs who have completed 30-59 credit hours
Juniors: Students in degree programs who have completed 60-89 credit hours
Seniors: Students in degree programs who have completed 90 or more credit hours. Excludes students working toward a second baccalaureate.
Other undergrad: Undergraduate students who are either not working towards a degree or who are working towards a second baccalaureate.
Professional: Students enrolled in college of Law or Veterinary Medicine as of the tenth day of the semester. Excludes students who are enrolled in the Graduate College; includes non-degree students enrolled in the professional colleges.
Graduate Students: Number of students who are enrolled through the Graduate College.
Graduate I: Entry level, degree-seeking graduate students who have not yet completed the requirement for a master's degree in this area.
Graduate II: Graduate students enrolled in a program in which the terminal degree is a doctorate and who have already received a master's level degree or who have earned at least 7.5 units (30 semester hours) of graduate credit.
Other grad: Graduate students who are not working towards a degree.
Grad total: Total number of students who are enrolled through the Graduate College.
Grad/prof: Sum of graduate and professional students