Higher Learning Commission Annual Institutional Data Update
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1872)

Please view/print your 2003 Data Update Worksheet (opens new window) for complete definitions and reporting instructions.

How to complete this online report:
    • Every member institution must complete this report.

    • Enter your username and password, provided in a recent email by Executive Director Steven Crow and select "Sign In". You may sign into the report and make changes as many times as you require, until you choose to submit the entire report to the Commission using the "Submit" button.

    • Print out your Institution's 2003 Data Update Worksheet using the link provided above (available after sign-in). The printed worksheet may then be distributed for data collection within your institution.

    • Use the navigation buttons at the top and bottom of this online form to navigate to each section.

    • Please note that only Section 6 of the report has been populated with past data. Please enter all applicable worksheet data in these sections.

    • Within each section, fields will be arranged into groups of related data. For each grouping, select the modify button to make changes to the data. Once you are satisfied with your changes, select the "Apply Changes" button to save your data.

    • Section VI contains seven subsections (a second navigation bar will appear at the top and bottom of the screen when you enter Section VI). For section which require listing of sites/programs, you will be able to add new records and modify or delete existing records in the list using the buttons provided on each entry.

    • You may print your report for review at any time by selecting "Print" from the navigation bars. This report will display all of the data you have entered so far.

    • You may submit your completed report by selecting "Submit" from the top and bottom navigation bars. This will perform a brief check of all required fields in the report, and if they are all present, it will present you with an opportunity to provide feedback and comments regarding the report.

    • Once you have completed any comments you wish to make, you may finalize the reporting process by selecting "Yes, I am ready to submit the entire report." This will set your report to read-only and notify the Commission that your report is ready for processing.

    • After you submit your report, it will no longer be editable. However, you will still be able to sign into the report to review and print your data..

    • Direct inquiries regarding definitions and data entry to Lady Branham at lbranham@hlcommission.org or 800/621-7440 x 137.

    • For technical assistance, please send email to webmaster@hlcommission.org including your four-digit login ID and a description of the difficulty your are experiencing, or call 800/621-7440 x124 to speak with Drew, our Webmaster.


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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1872)

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